Bisp New Dynamic Survey Latest Update October 2023

Bisp New Dynamic Survey Latest Update

Bisp New Dynamic Survey Latest Update

Today my speech is very important. You must listen to this. Today I am making a post about the Bisp New Dynamic Survey Latest Update that is closing. In this regard, the calls of many people came yesterday, the day before yesterday too, for two or three days, one question was being asked more today. So then again I said I should make a post about the Bisp New Dynamic Survey closing. That’s not happening? If closing. So what is happening to women? And if the Bisp New Dynamic Survey continues. So which women would they be? Who will be Dynamic Survey? So this is a very important post. About. So I was making this post in this regard. I want to inform you that the Dynamic Survey is closing. How much truth is there in what is not happening? And how much is the lie? So then I made a post on it again and you will hear some of my words in the post. Today I will talk a little differently. I will not talk to you guys at length until I have some sources.

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There is no news until it is confirmed. I won’t give you guys any information. This is not. I tell you something from my side. Whatever happens, I do it on my own behalf, there is no such thing as taking it from here. I don’t want to bore you guys by making a post and you get fed up with my post and get bored. I want you to be the real me. I really want to convey a fact to you people. You keep treating me like this. And don’t get bored with my post or my look. So again until I have confirmation. So until that time, I did not inform you, there was more news coming. The Dynamic Survey is closing. Every woman had the same thing on her lips. And then after I confirmed the confirmation yesterday, then today is the rider’s day. And today is October 23. Today I am making this post again. It is almost half past twelve. So then I said that I would give you all the information. I don’t want to bore you at all. I don’t want to tell any lies. I want to. That is what you confirm my news. Read one of my posts to understand me as true and genuine. So then I would like to tell you about this post that this Dynamic Survey is closing or not.

What is the reality of the survey?

  First, the Dynamic Registry i.e. Dynamic Survey was launched in October last year. Before that, once the Dynamic Survey was done. That survey was done only once. And then again until a new survey was started. The government scheme did not come. So that survey was going on. That is what happened.

What is a Registry Dynamic survey?

But now inside the dynamic registry, you are told this. You will be disqualified for two years. A woman conducts a Dynamic Survey. And she becomes disqualified. So she will only be disqualified for two years. She can get her survey done again after two years. And such women who are taking money should be eligible once. And the next ten years survey Agnor, ten years they continue to take the same money. So some amendments were made in this regard.

Changes made by dynamic survey

And the dynamics of it or a new child is born in the middle. Either she changes her dress or there is a disabled person in the house. So it is not registration of disability then it is registration of disability or divorce or marriage or widow then it is called roster update. Changing the mobile number you can also update the roster within these two years. I have done the Dynamic Survey today. So after six months, if something like this happens at home, I can get the Dynamic Survey done again for the rostral update.

After how many installments do the survey?

Such are the women who are taking money. That is after every three years or after eight installments whenever you receive the money before October 2022. They used to meet after six months. After that, there was a gap of three months. That is, there were fourteen thousand. Then it was reduced to seven thousand. Now it was done after seven thousand three months, the money was received after the first six months. So eight episodes when you’re done. So you have to do the Dynamic Survey again. That is, after three years, the women who are taking money.

When should unqualified women be surveyed?

I am talking about those who are incompetent. I have told them. That they can do it after two years. Or any such incident happens at home. Even then, they can update the roster due to a change of house, the birth of a child, disability, widowhood, marriage, or divorce.

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Is the survey closing?

So now coming to what the survey is closing. So let me tell you that the Dynamic Survey is not closing. Someone has spread this completely false news to you. It reaches you guys. So you deliver to me. And more questions are coming. Then I make a post on it. Post I make at this time. When I have complete good information true and correct. So then I tell you people about whether this thing is happening or not. So in this regard, any woman who wants to get a survey done.

Bisp New Dynamic Survey Latest Update

The survey will continue. Because it is a caretaker government, it cannot make a policy. Therefore, this Dynamic Survey will continue until another government comes. A new government will come, and its chairman will be a new one, be it a woman or a man, and after that, a new policy will come. After every two years a new woman will do the survey and after every three years or after eight installments those women who take money.

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