BISP Dynamic Survey Registration Last Date 2023

With the new update, many new things are circulating regarding the Benazir Income Support Program. The dynamic survey is to be done by December 31. And your survey will be closed. And the survey will be new. It will be only those women who have been taking money for three years.

So let me give you a little information about it. Even today I received calls from some women, they were saying that they were calling our brother. Closing on July 31st. There are rumors of such people. So that the knowledge of you people will increase and your information will be correct.

So it means that regarding the Benazir Income Support Program or Ehsaas Kafalat, which I have completely confirmed information, I am sharing it with you so that as many of my mothers and sisters are going to see it. Here are the speculations. Avoid them.

Criteria for what is a dynamic survey

First of all, what are the criteria of the survey, let me tell you two of its criteria. One is for ineligible people and one is for eligible people. Women who become ineligible within the government papers.

And it has been two years for them. They can conduct a new survey after two years of the previous survey. Maybe their poverty line has come down. If you do that survey again, you will be eligible.


Because when you take a survey, your entire data for a year is seen.

  • what are you
  • What is your lifestyle?
  • What is your financial situation?
  • So the ratio of one year is calculated.
  • After extracting the ratio what happens?
  • The PMT score which is the score of poverty, which is said to be Nadra, is selected and told.
  • BISP feels that his scores are so high that he should be declared eligible and he should be declared ineligible.
  • Women who are ineligible for two years.

When should the dynamic survey be done again?

They can conduct a new survey every two years. Now coming to the next side, what is the order for those who are taking the money after three years, then This is for them. For the woman who did not take the survey, three years of money means that you have been taking money for three years.

The installments that have been issued to you every three months or every six months, the installments that were issued after the first six months are now issued after three months. Are I taking money for three years, I am not talking about the survey.

The survey of women who are ineligible should be two years. And what is the rate of taking money for those who are eligible women? It should be three years. If three years become today. So they go and get the survey done again, and their money will be stopped, till now we have information that ineligible women will continue to be surveyed.

After every two years who are eligible women? It’s been a while since they’ve had it. Because some women have received a message. You go and get the survey done otherwise your money will be stopped. Well, what they have most of them are women next year because it started in January. In January two thousand and twenty-one, it happened somewhere in twenty-one, somewhere it happened in twenty-one.

So Jin Jin’s time is coming and going for three years. They are being messaged for the survey. I am talking about women who are taking money. Those who are ineligible will be surveyed every two years, those are the eligible women, those who are taking money, those who are taking installments, and those who are currently taking 9,000, If it has been three years, they should go again. Conduct a survey and their money will be closed. This was the information.

Will the dynamic survey be closed from 31st December?

Now the women are worried that Bhai will be closed. This is not the case at all. There are no such reports. Don’t you worry? If you are getting your money and it has not been three years, then you should sit comfortably, and continue to take your money until your three years are completed, do not do the survey again, that is the most important development. What I wanted to tell you.

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