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As you have heard the installment of Benazir Income Support Program’s BISP Dynamic Survey online Registration Benazir Kafalat will be Rs 9,000 on Thursday. This is how to check the amount of 9,000 and how to withdraw the money. We’ll talk about it too. But one problem is that there are new people who have done BISP dynamic survey online registration or those who are now BISP dynamic survey online registration. When they do check. So they get a reply that you are not eligible for it.

I promise you that I will tell you the solution to this problem and how to do the right bisp 8171 New Online Apply 2023.
Because I have been helping the people who joined these government programs since Imran Khan started them, this is my experience in it.

BISP Dynamic Survey online Registration 2023-24 on App

To register in the BISP 8171 Ehsaas program, you need an app, this app will also solve all your problems. On this, you tell you how to register yourself, first dial this app and open it.

bisp app registration

Click on the login page you will get the registration option below it.

Now you have to fill out the registration form.

  • The first name:
  • The last name:
  • Username:.
  • CNIC Number:
  • Mobile network:
  • Phone:
  • Password:
  • Verification password:
  • EMIL/Gmail:

After completing this form, click register you are now registered. So here’s the Ion Apply 2023 method.

Bisp 8171 dynamics not eligible problem

Talk about the registration process in the Dynamic Registry i.e. Benazir Income Support Program, what you are getting the message of ineligibility, and what steps are being taken to make this registration process easier. Apart from this, what are the mistakes that a registrant makes due to which he becomes incompetent i.e. he does not get any money or any aid, all these details are going to be given to you in great detail today in this article.

So the process of registration in the Viewers Benazir Income Support Program is an application of dynamic registry i.e. android based on which it works. There are a lot of updates coming from time to time, which is making it easier for people. Or steps are being taken to further clean up the data. Now it is being seen because this registration is taking place in the desk base in the tehsil offices, that is why there is a lot of rush, so many steps are being taken for the convenience of the people.

The first steps that we have already told you in our article are that mobile vans are being started. Which the registration of people in remote areas will be on their doorstep i.e. at their home. Apart from this, it is still summer vacation, so Benazir A lot of the support program staff is going to be free. All of those staff will be engaged for registration in the dynamic registry. What will happen is that the staff in tehsil office will increase, and the number of DOs registering or data interview operators will increase.

bisp 8171 new update

And they’ll be able to facilitate you guys as much as possible. Apart from this, Benazir income support program is in the department because you all know that there is a holiday on Saturday, but the registration desks are installed on weekdays and they are open on weekdays.

You’re most curious because the rest of the weekdays are more crowded. There is less rush on other days than on Saturdays. So if you want to go for your registration. So the best day for you is Saturday, Saturday.

Apart from this, what are the mistakes that a person or a family makes, due to which he is qualified but becomes ineligible?
As many people are living inside a house if they eat and drink together. So they should be considered as a family. A family should be surveyed. Or the registration that is there must be of a family. It should not be that the number of people married in the house have separate families.

Spiraling says that if we do spreading in a family, then the chances of spending their money are less because their PMT score will be high, besides the earthquake which is a bigger reason why people become incompetent, they do not have their data updated. Or if someone is disabled, his record should be updated with NADRA. Apart from this, all the children in the house are special girls.

Per mail should be made their national identity card, they are older than 18 years, and if they are less than 18 years of age, then their form should be made mandatory with NADRA.

Because this is a project of women empowerment, the amount of money spent by the housewife in the house, then the number of women in your house will be average meld i.e. those who have been married, if the PMT school of your family is eligible.
All married women in your home will have money. But the condition is that they should have a computerized NADRA national identity card

bisp 8171 9000 check payment online by cnic 2023

To check the amount of 9000 thousand, you will give below that the website has to open or this option will be found on the previously mentioned app. Either open the BISP web portal. And write your ID card number as well as the code you will give in the picture and click Known. Whether you are eligible or not will also be known and your money will also be checked.

bisp June 9000 PKR Withdrawal By ATM

In June, the installment of 9000 rupees will be released on June 19, you will get without standing in any line, now open your bank account and get the money through an ATM.


You must have read this whole, you do not act in a hurry, wait for a little, it will solve all your problems, and if you have a question in your mind, you can contact Machh, share the rest of this article with your worried relatives and friends Thank you.

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