Bisp Ehsaas Program Selaab Area Scheme Registration Step by Step 2023

Today, September 25, the installment begins to meet on Friday and today is Saturday, September Bisp Ehsaas Program Selaab Area Scheme. The installment is still being given to you today. So the women who didn’t get the installment yesterday. She can still receive a go installment today. And even on Sundays, the center will be.

They will be open. Will keep going. Yes and hope. This will be the case for twelve Rabi-Al-Aul. So there are any complaints about the deduction of your money. I will give you some numbers. Who are your number? Where you can complain. If your money is being deducted. There is some kind of problem with you. Being rude. How good are you not being done?

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So you can also complain about these numbers. And then those who are in disaster-stricken areas. How many episodes have been found in the floods that are bisp ehsaas program Selaab Area Scheem? Has this episode been increased more in them? That more has been increased or the next installment will come more. I’m posting this in this regard. You must read this post by the end.

First of all, I’ll tell you the numbers۔ What are the numbers of complaints? And then tell me. How much has come or can come within the disaster area? This episode next then let them tell you. Because the disaster-stricken area has now been declared. The disaster area that is.

Ehsaas Program 25000 : 8171 Ehsas Program 25000 Online BISP NSER Update 2023

They have been nominated. That these areas are disasterable. So in areas where women were incompetent. Their surveys are also happening again. And I hope. Who is eligible? What is theirs? Eligible women who are taking money. The episodes they have will be more.

BISP Complaint Number

If your ah is of some kind. From their retailer shop of the bisp complaint, I am giving you a number. Bark various teams are also raiding. Different teams are also visiting. At the retail shop if you have a problem or threat. Shopkeeper, then you can tell them too. Which team comes up on the spot?

You have your office in the office of Tehsil or in the district. There you can also complete. And I have numbers. If anyone wants to complain. So you can also complain about this wheel. Yes, I have the number of G director ah, Benazir income support program north zone Rawalpindi. They cannot you. I get the number you note. So you know.

This is the number of directors in the Rawalpindi zone. Okay fine. Now the complaints of Punjab to you are the department is the director general. Let me tell you the number.

So you can also write his number. And you know what the top number is. She belongs to WhatsApp. And the number that this is PTCL’s WhatsApp number or call is that mobile number. And this is the PTCL of the Director General of Punjab. This is the number of General Punjab.

Above that you have any kind of complaint by compiling. So they can get them to your complaints by calling you to the number of you go on it. This is the number two of Rawalpindi zone. The rest of the Sargodha has to be taken by someone. So maybe he can get the number from me. So this is the installment. Let me tell you.

director Ah, Benazir Income Support is the number of north zone Rawalpindi.
The Director General is the number of Punjab.

Ehsaas Taleemi Wazaif Start Date

These are the children’s Taleemi Wazaif you have. It will come to your account next week, from October 2 or from September 2. So now it didn’t come that the children had vacations in the school۔ verifications are happening. As soon as verifications are complete.

So on September 29, you will also begin to receive children’s Taleemi Wazaif from October. Because people were saying that after thirty, they would get double, it wouldn’t be double. Those whose children’s Taleemi Wazaif have come. They will be given to you as well.

Your children’s education now comes. The disaster-stricken area has also been declared Dera Ismail Khan. There are other areas that are the culprits on the side. They will be in Sindh. The episodes will also come more in areas that have been declared disaster-stricken. must have come. Because I haven’t had information about it yet.

Bisp Ehsaas Program Selaab Area Scheme 25000

Or the next installment will be given to you about the round of his 30,000 to 30,000. Women still live in bisp ehsaas program Selaab Area Scheme. Who have been declared a disaster?

If those women go to pick up the episode, they will definitely see their belongings on the device first above their identity device. You must see your money on the device before putting your money on the thumb. Wherever you go on the place. What do you have to do first if you take the money? Whenever you have to put your thumb. So you have to see your money above the device before putting a thumb inside the whole of Pakistan.

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After seeing the money because many women did not receive the previous episodes, the children’s Taleemi Wazaif were accompanied. If they don’t even receive it, then they become more money. So they don’t know, now the women who are facing the situation must do this. And take a computerized slip.

Bisp Ehsaas Program Selaab Area Scheme 2023

If you don’t give me a computerized slip that I mentioned the number. You can also complain about this number. And your complaints will be resolved by you. And the money you have. They will be returned to you and the shopkeeper device that is. She will be blocked. Even five or seven women if they are complaining.

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In the office near Benazir’s nearby, he closed it. Or what I have given the numbers is sometimes they are bad. No, so if there is an office nearby Benazir, you can block this device by complaining even there. Information was I said to give you this information. Life with new information. So I want permission until I come back. Every order.

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