BISP Ehsaas Program PMT Score Kam Karne ka Tarika Online 2024

How to PMT Score Kam Karne ka Tarika. And your PMT score. How can you qualify by reducing it? Because that is the PMT score. That is the important thing. Surveys are not important. If the PMT score is high, the women are disqualified even after taking the survey. If the PMT score is low, women who undergo the survey are immediately eligible. So I am making this post in this regard.

BISP Ehsaas Program Update

And let me tell you one more thing that I would like to tell you about the episode. At that time An example is an income support program installment. The 15th of September was being talked about. The notification of which was also received. But there is a watchdog setup.

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This is why I have told you before. That can happen. Which is the 22nd of September. If you don’t start getting money on the 18th. So which one has more chance? If they do not meet, then the episode will come on Friday, September 22. And on Monday, September 23rd you will start getting the installment.

That is the information so far. Which is confirmation now. Confirm I am talking about this. What happens tomorrow? Because there is uncertainty. So he cannot know. what is happening And what is not happening? So I said let’s tell this together. Most of the chances are there. They are from September 23. And the meeting that will begin. It will be from Monday 23 September.

Bisp PMT score Kiya hai- what is pmt score

Well, now I’m running, Pmt Score kam karne ka tarika, what is PMT score? And what is the reason for it? Why are they growing? And if these increase. So how can it be reduced? Let me tell you about this. Well, let me tell you. That PMT score when you go for survey. So the data you have after conducting the study.

BISP Ehsaas Program PMT Score Kam Karne ka Tarika Online

Hukumat Pakistan PMT score kaise banati hai

He went to the government of Pakistan, which means that now NADRA has different departments of your life. Asks about it dude check it out. What is his life style? So they send to different places. Like mobile database are inside Islamabad. Who keep an eye on everything you do. Like JazCash, your internet package is connected to an internet device inside the home.

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And how much package do you use? They give data for a whole year. And after giving data then they call Nadra. That it makes so many internet packages. So it uses balance. The device is not connected in his house. So there are so many names.

It notifies you to NADRA related to all mobile related and internet related. After that he sends the NADRA to FBR. Your identity card. Then they see it. FBR said that he does not have a single filer in FBR. And what are its categories? Then FBR also sends them back to NADRA. If it is yours who sends these lands, these vehicles or any such thing, he sends them. Then your data is sent to the banking system. Bankers say. That is your account.

Kitna PMT score hona chahie

not yours. Okay fine. So these are different entities that can help you increase your PMT score and decrease your score. Now most women’s PMT is over thirty-two. Because those who are up to thirty-two. Those below thirty-two are considered eligible if there is a disabled person in the household. So it must be registered in NADRA. So that family is declared eligible till thirty-seven PMT.

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Now I have different examples. 

Let me give you two examples. So that you know. And try your best. That you should not go this way.

 1. First today, a woman called me and said, “Brother, he is my husband, he works in someone’s shop and his name is Jaz Cash, he is using their money.” And keeps sending back and forth. So Jazzkesh is ours. But money is not ours. So it doesn’t matter to you, the government owns that money. Or they belong to someone else. The government is looking at this thing that if this money belongs to you, then if the SIM on your identity card is in your name, then it will be legitimate cash. So his name will be.

  2. One such woman was saying. That brother, I am very poor. And indeed it is. But her husband has Joe. That bank account is created. And there is no money in the bank account. The worker is not even closing. He has forty-one. So now if you do any such work your PMT will increase. If you have made Jazzcash. There are also PMTs for creating BejazCash. If money is kept in it. And giving more. Then understand that it is going very high.

Such is yours which is Jazzcash. In addition there are five sums. Mobile balance you use more. You collect the package in the mobile. Load the super card. You get the internet package. You make your identity card urgent which is called executive. Or make the form urgent. Or make the passport urgent. Or become a driving license agent or any such work in which your fee is paid on an urgent basis. He will help disqualify you. If you are getting money. So still you will be disqualified. So all these things you have to stay away from them.

BISP Ehsaas Program Pmt Score kam karne ka tarika online 2023

Now hBISP Ehsaas Program Pmt Score kam karne ka tarika. Now I come to this. How can you lower your PMT? If your PMT is also high. Because I have one follower. His PMT was thirty-one. And he was coming under scrutiny. To this I BISP Ehsaas Program Pmt Score kam karne ka tarika. By reducing your PMT you will be qualified.

So he worked hard his name was Jazkesh. What he ended up with was easy money. He finished. He had five names. He got a SIM in his name, the package of the mobile phone, the load of the mobile phone was completely removed for two months. None of his activity, identity card, just as it was made before.

So mobile package, mobile internet, apart from that, there were other names. That jazcash easy money he finished. So his PMT became twenty eight. You can do the same within a month. The balance of the mobile phone is the same as the Internet package of the mobile phone. That jazcash was finished by easy person. So his PMT score became twenty eight.

You can do the same within a month. Do not use mobile balance very minimally. If you need more. So you use a different name of a sibling who is rich or a parent. So make jazzkesh in it. Use your sim on it. Use balance on it. It will not show your name. If your name is sim. And you are using Or anyone using it. Sims are your names.

Or jazz cash are your names. So it will be in your account. You should not do any urgent work. You should not fill a chipped car with a simple car. Children’s form is made for fifty rupees. It is also made in five hundred. Fifty will be found after ten days. Five hundred on the same day. Now the one with five hundred will be selling the agent.

The second will be normal. If you get a similar ID card, don’t get it chipped the first time you get your card. It becomes free for any girl or boy. Simple card If you will make smart card with chip instead of a simple card. So it has a fee of seven and a half hundred rupees. This also increases your PMT.

So PMT you should completely stop using mobile balance. Make it very low level. 150 to 200 per month, if your internet package is also super card, you don’t have to balance the mobile phone balance. Not getting the package. The power unit should be your minimum usage. Nothing happens with the electricity bill, the unit of electricity you serve.

It shows you. What are you? Okay fine. This is also a great thing. The rest is when you go for the survey. So you must mention this thing in the survey. That brother come, what is your status, that the house like you is my house with a lintel. So I go for the survey. So I say.

That my brother who is on top of the roof. My wooden latrine is not a flush system. It is an old latrine. There are no cracks in it. So you and the stove you have to tell. It’s okay that you don’t mention the gas we use to burn wood.

If you do not have a bill or a name, then you have to mention the stove. Have to tell. This will also reduce your PMT. And other important things. It is like your life style. Your child dies. A child is born and dies in your house. So you have to get it registered. Any disease that is life-threatening.

Which takes your money for treatment. There are tests on monthly basis on daily basis. There is medicine. Check up is done. You must show it. it happens. within the survey. PMT is also your job. But what I have is daily use items. He is the biggest hand of mobile. ID card is in hand. You become a filer. He has a hand.

So avoid these things. What is not benefiting you. If you want to get money. So eliminate it from your life. Yes if you are benefiting from something. Then you won’t need Benazir’s money. So these are the things that are very important. What I am telling you. You must pay attention to these things. So that your PMT Score Kam Karne ka Tarika Online.

And you are also among these women. whose children are receiving educational scholarships. Whose children are getting educational scholarships within the universities? Who is benefiting from the Agosh program. Which is happening with the development program. Who is benefiting from the brave elderly program.

Which is benefiting from the autonomous program? Who is benefiting from the unique income support program from the development program? Who is benefiting from education? If these are the things you want to achieve. So reduce your PMT. If your PMT is high. And you go to get the survey.

So on the same day you will be disqualified. Until then you have not completed the survey. Unless your PMT is low. If you are interested in taking a survey, download it. Your PMT will not decrease. Until the PMT decreases. If you take the survey, you will be disqualified. Do your best. Keep your PMD low. And then go and do the survey. Then you will be eligible.

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