8171 Ehsas Program 25000 Online BISP NSER Update 2023

The government of Pakistan is going to give money to women. Which families do these women belong to? This is very important for you to know. It is possible that the names of the women of your household will also come on this list. Or be part of this bisp nser update.

The government of Pakistan has announced the interest installment of BISP NSER thousand rupees. Some updates have come to join this installment. I am going to deliver it to you. Because I have some inside news. I have already released an update regarding the next installment.

Write it down from today, From September 15th to September 20th, the installment of 9000 rupees will start. The government is including the beneficiaries in the Benazir Income Support Program.

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Why did the BISP NSER disqualify women because of this?

All such women were continuously receiving the Benazir income support program in 2012. However, these women have not registered themselves in the NSER survey starting from 2019. Nor did he get his family’s data updated in BISP NSER. All such women’s accounts were temporarily blocked. The government withdrew the money from the accounts in which the money was deposited.

New Dynamic Survey Registration

Request to all such women. They should go to the Dynamic Registry 2023 counter of the Benazir income support program or Ehsaas Kafalat program and complete their registration again. Update your household information. In order to release the full four installments to you if eligible, some instructions have been given regarding these women. Under the Benazir Income Support Program, cover documents will be required for the survey.

  • Must have a valid original national identity card, male or female.
  • Number two is the bay of children under eighteen years of age. The form is mandatory for registration.
  • Number three National Computerized Identity Cards of children above eighteen years of age are required to be submitted during the survey.
  • Number four is a mobile phone number, number five is the electricity or gas bill, and number six is to be registered with NADRA in case of a widow or divorcee.

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