My brother old Arab married story | my brother and sanaspeakstory

My brother married a forty year old Arab woman. Sanaspeakstory we people understood that it happened because of greed for money, but that woman was very poor. Mom and I used to tease him day and night. One day, when I was returning from college, a car abducted me and took me away. The woman took me out and sat me down among the flowers, my heart at peace, then when the same Arab woman came into the room and said, sanaspeakstory.

This sanaspeakstory is very interesting and thought provoking. This strange marriage of my brother created a story of surprise in our house. The woman whom we saw only greedy for wealth, turned out to be a charming and admirable figure in her own right. After that we have to go through some freak accidents to take care of her, including being kidnapped, being placed in the middle of a traditional garden, and being reunited with her real husband.

It was very sad to read this tradition, where women should be respected without malice or contempt. The lesson learned from this sanaspeakstory is that humans should treat women with respect.

The beginning of this sanaspeakstory was simple and ordinary as always, but it showed us a new path where we never thought. The teasing and taunting of mother and son sometimes ended in such a way that our thoughts were confronted with this sad event. A woman we’ve never seen before with love and mercy brings out the crazy she’s created, a face of natural beauty.

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