Muft Bijli Program online Apply 2023-24 #Sasti Bijli

News is currently circulating on social media regarding one of the most important updates, especially aid programs. Along with the Benazir Income Support Program, a new aid program has been started by the government in view of the increasing price of electricity and to save the people from this inflation.

The name of this new program is the Muft Bijli Program or Sasti Bijli and now under this Muft Bijli Program all those families who meet this criteria are being given five thousand rupees and it is being compared with this program. The patrol scheme that was running is the cheap diesel petrol scheme and an online link has also been released for it, so this will inform you about the news that is circulating and for whom this program is intended.

And what is the reality of how to apply it? Of course, after hearing this information, you will be able to save yourself from huge losses and you will also be able to avoid this inflation. Let us inform you in detail by going ahead with the passage.

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Please Read Now & Muft Bijli Program

Regarding this news, one of our viewers has contacted us who receives a message on WhatsApp from a friend or from an agenda and the message says that this new program has started. Due to the increase in electricity prices, relief is being given to the public and you have been given this link to apply for it.

So you can apply it. Well, when this person applied, after applying, he was told that a form was opened and in it, he had written all his information, including his ID card, birth date, his name, father’s name, etc. He has entered all the details up to the address and then he had to register there or whatever he had to do, he has sent his data and within twenty-four hours he receives a message that your easy money. The account has been banned. Of course, many people have large bank accounts also open.

If there was a lot of money in easy money or jazz cash, then this brother also had some money in this account, which is because of this link. It has been stolen and further, its data has reached these people for misuse. And now here you look at the screen, and you see a message.

This has happened to a lot of people at this time and this message is being made viral, we have slightly blurred the link given in it, so this link is so dangerous that you cheat yourself a lot. If you click on it, you will see that the government has no money left to run the government and Pakistan is already so indebted, Where will the money come from so that every servant gets five thousand rupees? All this is a fraud and the people have already fallen into poverty.

These dishonest people are doing such things to put the people in more trouble. The purpose of today’s post is to inform you that no such program has been run so far under which any subsidy is being given in relation to electricity. By the way, you are seeing that everything is increasing in price in electricity prices. Only those people who are high officials of the government are enjoying themselves because they are also getting the free Muft Bijli Program.

They have never received a bill from WAPDA and the protocol is also with them and they spend diesel, petrol whatever they have from the government treasury. And the poor are suffering. And now it is a pity that those who are scammers have also started harassing the poor. For the poor who have no money left even for bread, then we can only pray that Allah Almighty guides all such fraudsters and our rulers so that there is some peace in the lives of the people.

Please Read Now & Muft Bijli Program
Please Read Now & Muft Bijli Program

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