Malik Riaz Free Rashan Program Apply [Contact Number]

Today we are going to talk. Malik Riaz Free Rashan Program and how to get free petrol. What is the method by which you can get a ration by registering in the Malik Riaz Free Rashan Program or by contacting for free? First, we share some details with you. After you are told about contact and apply.

The topic is that those who are our philanthropists, philanthropists, they often spend on the people around us, and do welfare work. They give free rations and help people in floods. Help in the earthquake. We often ignore them.

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That is because if we praise them, people will curse us. You are praising a member of a rich class. This or that you are admiring. So last day I was looking. That Malik Riaz took a big initiative in JDC and Malik Riaz one in Karachi and one in Lahore.

Malik Riaz Free Petrol for Bikers:

Since today people are worried because of expensive petrol, they distributed petrol for free. Distributed free petrol to thousands of people with bikes. And now Malik Riaz has announced. That he is free throughout Pakistan. He will distribute the ration.

He will distribute the ration to deserving people all over Pakistan. It is really the poor section who are in this difficult situation. Which is the deprived class. Whose sources of income are very low. The source of income is limited.

Free In addition to the Free Rashan Program, Malik Riaz Hussain has also implemented the “Malik Riaz Bahria Town Free Petrol For Bike” initiative. This program provides free petrol worth Rs1,000 to poor bikers, easing their financial burden and allowing them to continue their daily routines with a little less worry.

Comprehensive Support During Emergencies: Bahria Town, under the compassionate leadership of Malik Riaz Hussain, goes above and beyond to support communities during emergencies.

Malik Riaz Free Rashan Program

The organization deploys mobile medical units to provide essential healthcare services, distributes Rashan bags to families in need, offers free meals, provides clothing, and tents, and ensures access to clean water. These comprehensive efforts are a testament to their dedication to alleviating the suffering of those affected by unforeseen circumstances.

Malik Riaz Free Rashan Program

So this is a happy news for them. And what is Malik Riaz who is supported by JDC? What is available in Pakistan is free rashan. He is going to distribute. So Malik Riaz’s initiative is commendable. And admirable. So should we. What are the people around us? Do good deeds.

Malik Riaz Free Rashan Program

Whether they are philanthropists or an organization. If there is a welfare organization, we should appreciate it. His actions should be praised and not criticized. We have to take things positively. Only then can our society flourish. And only then can we move forward.

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Under the Free Rashan Program, disadvantaged families facing economic hardship will have access to essential food supplies, ensuring that they do not go hungry. This initiative is a lifeline for those who are struggling to make ends meet, particularly during challenging times.

Bahria Town Free Rashan Program Contact Number and Method.

If you wish to get in touch with Malik Riaz Hussain’s office to inquire about or participate in these charitable programs, you can reach out through the following contact numbers: 0334 5274009, 03357777603, and 03155554074.


Malik Riaz Hussain’s commitment to social responsibility and his dedication to improving the lives of underprivileged individuals in Pakistan is truly commendable. The Free Rashan Program and other initiatives undertaken by Bahria Town demonstrate the positive impact that businesses and individuals can have on society when they extend a helping hand to those in need. This philanthropic spirit serves as an inspiration for all to come together and make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate.

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