Ehsaas Rashan Program Online Apply 2023

Peace be upon you, on the occasion of 76th Independence Day, people are getting Ehsaas Rashan Program Online Apply a big relief package. In which you will get a ten kg bag of six hundred and forty eight rupees for flour, three hundred tarunjars for sugar, one hundred rupees for dal and rice for twenty five rupees per kg.

For items, if you want to avail, will be fully connected with the video and will also tell you which website you will go through and apply through it. From where you can go to this scheme that the government has announced to provide relief to the people, their phone number, their address and how will those who are eligible go to the portal of the government and you can easily benefit from this scheme. Will be able to pick up details.

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Ehsaas Rashan Program Online Apply

You will be able to know the complete instruction of advertisement by visiting this page. Where registered families under Benazir Income Support Program whose PMT score is 40 or less are eligible for subsidies.

How will you apply? Here is a link to a video showing you how to find out the eligibility of all these subsidies.

Portal Check Registration

To register, you must write your ID card at the counter. Registration counter has been set up in the office of Benazir Income Support Benazir at the short utility store for the convenience of the people.

You unregistered users will be referred to the nearest BISP tehsil centers for registration and other general users will be able to purchase almost all types of purchases at normal prices from utility stores across the country without any conditions. A help line number has been given for any kind of complaint.

Now let’s go ahead in the same post, how will you apply for it, which portal will you go to and check your score. And if you haven’t registered yet, how do you register for this program? And if you want to get monthly stipend for your children from the government, then click on the apply button to apply monthly stipend for your children under 8171 and 5566 which is the program of the government. .

Check the poverty score

After clicking on this clicked button this is your page I am showing you again and again this page will come where you PMT score means if you want to see if I am eligible in this government program If yes or not, after clicking on slim, this page will come to you. You will have to write the ID card number. After writing the ID card number, if you search out, if you have this record example, I am sorry because I have written it as an example. will And if you have registration.

Registration Procedure

For non-registered users, refer to the nearest tehsil centers of BISP. The person of this ID card. Now if you want to register in this program or are not registered. So let me tell you how you will do your registration and you have to go to their office not only with a valid ID card, but also the address of Benazir Income Support Program’s office in Pakistan, their phone number if you go.

If you want, you will get their details here, after clicking on the button, you will get the details of your city wise, Baluchistan, KPK, Azad Kashmir, Gilgit-Baltistan and all the districts of Sindh. You will get phone numbers. On which you can get more information at your head office.

Utility store process

And you will go to all the utility stores in Pakistan where you will benefit from this scheme, click on the button and you will get all these addresses. Whichever zone you are from, for example, I will come here to Lahore zone.

I am from Gujranwala, I will click on search, search my nears in Gujranwala, whatever is his branch, the phone number of the utility store has been received. His address has come where I will be able to avail the government scheme from this store.

Check your ration program eligibility

But before that you have to check your wife. To join this program, you have to send your ID card to 8171 and after going to the nearest Benazir Income Support Program office, you have to register yourself, you have to get a valid ID card and after getting a valid ID card, you have to register yourself. You will be able to benefit from this government scheme by going to the nearest utility store. More like this you will get many more scheme informations.

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