How to Make a Benazir ATM Card on 5 Bank Recommend New Payment Method (July)

The Government of Pakistan has issued a Benazir ATM card for the beneficiaries of the Benazir Income Support Program BISP. What is the procedure for making this ATM card and how you can get it? And that’s what the government has done right now. He has deposited and submitted it whenever he wants.

At any time you can get your own at THE ATM by applying it round the clock during the day at night. What are the conditions for opening a bank account? And who is eligible for it? For the Benazir Income Support Program, you can go to any bank and open an account. The update is going to tell you all the details in today’s article.

BISP ATM card 5 Bank and Details

The Government of Pakistan has released the ATM card of the Benazir Income Support Program to all oil beneficiaries the families taking money. and qualified for it. The process of making it is very simple. That’s the name of his account. Which will open in your bank. Social Security Bank account that will be open to your UBL National Bank, Bank Alfalah, JS Bank, and Sindh Bank. At the moment.

Apart from this, the number of these banks can be further increased in the coming time. At the same time, it has been started in Sukkur North Waziristan Lahore, and Peshawar, and the people of the provinces of the rest of the districts need not worry. We are telling you this. That’s until your accounts open. You will continue to receive payments through thumbs.

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UBL National BankSukkur
Bank AlfalahQuetta
JS BankNorth Waziristan
National BankPeshawar
Sindh BankLahore

How to Make a Benazir ATM Card

You have the opportunity now to come on how to open a bank account. Let me tell you a few details first. He said that the Government of Pakistan has started a new payment system for the beneficiaries of the Benazir Income Support Program BISP from next month. Under this, they will get money directly into their bank account instead of standing in long queues and paying commissions to agents. will get. Initially, five banks have been included in this list. Bank Alfalah JS Bank, Sindh Bank, United Bank, Limited, i.e. UBL, and National Bank of Pakistan have been selected for this purpose. More banks will also be added later.

BISP Benazir Kafalat Award Kafalat Children’s Educational Scholarships Ration Program Fifty-five sixty-six utility programs as well as an integrated elderly program and all the health subsidies. There are subsidies for fertilizers. As many subsidies as there will be, who will be eligible people, and Beneficiaries will be, given to their households.

These banks will open special accounts i.e. social protection bank accounts for bisp beneficiaries. So that they can get financial assistance directly in their account. Initially, five meetings have been started in Sukkur, Quetta, North Waziristan, Lahore, and Peshawar. The people of the rest of the districts and provinces do not have to worry, as here which is the first phase will be completed, and in the rest of the areas too, accounts will open very soon and permission will start. Here is the procedure for opening a bank account.

If you have an old card from the Benazir Income Support Program lying with you, take it with you. Your ID card doesn’t expire. If the period is over, then make your identity card before that, as well as your children’s form, then keep them with you. But the most important thing is your family’s gas or electricity bill. So keep it with you. These are those two or three items. You have to be taken along.

It’s a very simple procedure. There is a day’s work, your account will be opened and along with that the checkbook and ATM will also be your application, you will be told one day, the date will be told, that is, within a week, these documents of yours which are checkbook and ATM card will come. After you have to get it. From the concerned branch, it has to go to the bank branch.

There is no online link registration issued by the government to open the bank account, it should be clear that later will not take responsibility for it. From the branches which are your closest branch, the national bank will be UBL, the bank will be Alfalah, and the bank will be JS or Sindh Bank where the pay will also be.

By going to the branches of these banks, you will open your account and remember that the head of the family will go to the woman who is eligible for this program, it is not that she will die or any other member of the family will go and open the account. It will come on the attached ATM card and within a week the ATM card Benazir ATM card will go to you. Which is the TM card of Sindh and you will be able to take your installment by applying it to any ATM.


  • If there is an old card from Benazir Income Support Program, take it with you.
  • Take your ID card with you
  • Along with this, if your children also have a form, then keep them with them.
  • But the most important one. He has his family’s gas or electricity bill. take along

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