Ehsaas Aghosh Program 17000 Online Registration 2023-24

This is a very important article about the Aghosh program. The money they have been released for the Aghosh program. This is my article in this regard. Women who are associated with the Aagosh program. If she’s pregnant or breastfeeding, I must read this article. The Aghosh program is a program of the Government of Punjab.

There is complete detail in this regard. In this article, I am giving you that information. I spoke to the DG today. I’m coming to meet the DG. Ah, there are a lot of programs. About which I want to share information with you guys. So that’s my information. I wanted to reach out to you.

And this is genuine information about the Aghosh program. Money has been released to women. I’ll start to tell you the details. So that all the women have what they have and what is beneficial. Be able to pick it up and have the money you have. They can go and receive them.

Ehsaas Aghosh Program Registration

First of all, what is the Aghosh program, which was the old method? It has been changed. Earlier you had to make an account. You don’t have to open an account anymore. Now your visit will be your account, after the visit, you mean for example you visit BHU or your civil hospital or government hospital to vaccinate children or as or as pregnant women are. He or jo ladies are health workers. You get them registered for the vaccine. Or register a visit. So he goes and gets it done online. So that will be your account generated. Your account will be made within forty-eight to forty-eight hours.

You should go and take the details of your money, which is nearby, omni or bank alfa pay, which is alpha pay, you take your identity card there. There will be a fingerprint. And your money will be handed over to you.

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Ehsaas Aghosh Program 17000 Online RegistrationApply Now
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Aghosh program Complaint Retailer

The retailer is I’m warning them. If someone deducts a woman’s money, her account will be closed for the rest of her life. You have to call him immediately above the helpline at twelve twenty-one and complain about this agent giving the name of his shop to him.

And his account will be blocked at the same time and forever and after that action has been taken against him. Within Punjab, those who are benefiting from the Aghosh program. Fifty and sixty thousand women have been given this money. If you have ladies’ health workers in your area. If these women come to their homes for vaccination, if they do not cooperate with you, then there is a manual helpline number for their complaint. You have to complain to them. Five if his complaints come, he will be fired from the job.

His DG Ali Jaan is very strict. He’s done very strict monitoring. If you make five complaints, one will be fired permanently. There are a lot of women. Who currently have lakhs of rupees in the Punjab Social Protection Authority and they do not know. They are also called from the helpline number. But they don’t know. They are being repeatedly messaged. But they are not withdrawing money.

What will happen if the money is not withdrawn?

If you women don’t withdraw money, your account will be deleted from the Aghosh program. And your money will be returned. There are a lot of women who don’t take money when they don’t know. They give them the number that someone else has or they do not pick up or give them a message, they do not read or they read, then they do not understand that you people have to do one thing. I am independent in Ehsaas Kafalat Program or In Aghosh Program, for all these beneficiaries, you give them that number there. Whether the number is in your name, it is neither with your relatives nor with anyone else.

Aghosh program Helping line

Bisp Ehsaas or Autonomous Program Bamkad program whichever it is is just their money. I’m telling you again and again that you shouldn’t cut money. You can get your money details by calling 1221. You have to call 1221. And you have to take the details of the money. And there is a contract with both of them in the name of UBL UPPL omni, or bank Alfalah’s alpha pay, there are women with Aghosh program in the whole of Punjab.

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