Ehsaas Program Online Registraion September 2023 Update

There is a information regarding an Ehsaas Program Online Registraion update at your service. They would like to convey this to you guys. I have as many people as I have. Calls come. Comments come. People in these Boxs contact. So on this Base then I write a post the next day.

Because I see The place where the Majority is. That people do not know. What is the Benazir Income Support Program? Where to do What do you need for this? So I will tell you all the details today. Because I make for you. I work hard for you. So you have to read it. And must share. So that my information can be reached to other people as well.

This is the purpose of saying good. That I had just got a call from a sense of money from a sense program. He says. That brothers we get money. Children’s benefits are also available. They have been closed to meet us. When I asked them, I asked them. We have become the form Filer.

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Now what did you need to be a Filer? First, tell me you are such a big businessman or business gentlemen, not to make money in Benazir Income Support Program and become a filer with them. So on the same day they were disqualified. Well now a woman has just got a call. She says that brothers are my name. And my children are six.

And four of them. He is a form of form. Now I told them again that Baji is your PMT. That is thirty. And you are scrutinizing. For one, you reduce your name by five. In it and the two children are left to you.

They have to make a form of farm immediately and make fifty rupees. Don’t make five hundred. Immediately after you make these children register these children, you should update this feeling. Which is called the roster update. The scrutiny you have immediately will end. And you have an installment immediately. The next episode will come to your account.

Ehsaas Program Online Registraion

  • Secondly, people are no longer aware of the survey.
  • Where the survey is to be.
  • What do things need for this? So they should also tell me that the survey must first be fulfilled for the survey:
  • You must be married.
  • And with that your children.
  • That must be the children who are on the farm.
  • They must be made for all children in Nadra. So if the widow is. So the identification card should be your widow. Are divorced.


  • So your identification card is your divorce Just then you will get more benefits.
  • It and then you have to pay an electric bill.
  • You have your identity card and you have to tell your SIM number. That is to tell the mobile number. What you always have to use.

Do not do all the necessary instructions

And that’s trying. The place you have to give the number. He should not be SIM Convert, that is, I have Jez’s SIM. So I do not have Jez’s signal. Should not be like that. So you should be the same Network. Which is the SIM, which is the quote number. That’s right.

Ehsaas Program Registration Update September

Then you have to submit your Data Submit to the Benazir Income Support Program, which is your office inside your tehsil. And for that you do not need any recommendation. You don’t need to pay. You can look in the lines. Because there is more rush. So this is a basic need. Benazir Income Support Program or Sense of Feeling Program. Now I come.

Ehsaas Program Online Registraion September 2023 Update

Some of the questions and answers asked during the Ehsaas program survey

That there are some questions. which you must give. Give them to you. Even if they don’t ask you, tell them. Them. So that you are a poor show. When you show poor. So your PM will be PMT there. That too should be reduced.

So, first of all, you have to check the condition of your house. If it is So it is not necessary to tell. There is a rough house. ok brother It is semi, the water comes. Top. The roof is She is made of hair. You did not mention the latrine. There are flushed cracks. Flash that system you did not tell. Brother, we don’t have a latrine. It has to be written. You have to tell the stove. That brother, we burn wood. If the gas meter is not in your name.

So you have to tell them that brother, we burn wood, but we don’t even have a cylinder. Solar should not be written at all. Even if you don’t have UPS write at all. However, you have had your youngest child for eighteen years, eighteen years, seventeen years if he was in school. He was not even studying.

So you should say that brother, our children were studying. So we have started the school of Chhadwa there. This is a very important question. If a child is born dead in your house. You have to write that too. Right, these are the basic things. Which makes you look poor.

I am telling you again and again because the child who left your studies and started working. It means poor. Poverty has to be shown. You are right. These questions are within the disease if anyone in your household has one. You have to write it. Any deadly disease. So you have to write it. These are your basics. In which your PMT will decrease.

If you write there. That brother, all our children are studying. If reading So ok. Good. If you don’t read, then you should do it. Our children were studying, so we read them and put them to work. That’s a fundamental question right there. This is the question I am telling them. So go there and answer the questions like this.

How to lower PMT score

So that your PMT is less at this place too. And the next thing you do, the next thing that happens to you. Five sims should not be in your name. The package should not be on top of your mobile. You have never done it. Okay fine. Have not been loaded together or completed the year back.

The data of the last full year is viewed. How many units of electricity will be used? unit is seen. The bill is not seen. How many units of electricity are being used? Apart from this, your name, any properties, any rickshaw, any bicycle, any scooter, any vehicle, etc. Commercial property is not above your personal name.

That thing is seen. Apart from this, your social life style. Like your bank account, Jazcash, AC in your house, etc. So tell me no. So let it be. These are the basic things. What you can do to qualify yourself. Can get yours reduced. If you are also poor.

So the work belongs to your rich. So you will check your data when online. So you will be disqualified. The reason is because when you balance the mobile above the SIM you were saying a woman. That brother, the SIM is my five, but someone else is using it. See if anyone else is using it. If you have the name, the government is understanding it. That’s their name. use it. Whatever your name will be. It will be imagined in your name.

No one else will be named so these things are very important. A disabled child, male or female, if present in your home. So make it mandatory to register it in NADRA. So that the disability benefit. They should be given to you separately for disability. He who is PMT becomes thirty-seven. It is automatically qualified up to thirty-seven.

Five PMT is very important. One point means a PMT of one hundred points. If even one point goes up to thirty two. So you are disqualified. Figure out for yourself how much the five scores are worth. If you reduce five PMTs, it will not be yours. But if there is a disabled child in your house, male or female. If you register it in NADRA.

So you will get two of its benefits. One thing, one thing, one thing, one thing, another thing, you can get the help of Baitul Mal in one step program. Thirdly, you will be declared eligible by completing PMT thirty-seven under the Benazir Income Support Program. This is a good development that I am telling you. Next it is up to you how you want to conduct the survey. It depends on you.

When should the survey be conducted for those who have already become ineligible?

And you have to take care and then go and get the survey done. And the second most important thing I am going to do. Until the first survey women have become ineligible. The time for re-survey has come. Unless their PMT is less than thirty-seven or thirty-two, the survey will not be conducted. The survey will be conducted. So they will be disqualified on the same day. Then they will wait for two years.


So first of all don’t pretend to be rich. If you are poor. And you show yourself rich. So you will not be registered in Ehsaas program. And you will be disqualified. So take care of these things and share the post. And comment. Thanks

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