Bisp September Qist 2023 Paiso Ki Katoti bisp Finger Print Issue

Today is the day and there is history. Today, September 22. Today means the episode is about to begin on September 22 qist 2023 bisp Finger Print Issue . And this episode is going to see you with HBL retailer shop. Some special measures in which your money can be saved. How can you make your money safe. So I’m making this post in this regard.

You must read this post to the end. And do not show cowardice. You should get your money with your safety in your hand. This is a topic. So some women have fingerprint issues. Some are the values of district change. Some women who are. They are zero-zero accounts. I would like to talk about this. So I’ll tell you the whole thing in a little short above each top of the top of the walk. First of all I start.

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Bisp Zero-zero account problem

Those who have account zero zero. Okay fine. But their accounts above Portal are. The money is being shown to them. But when the device goes. So their account zero zero show. First of all, I’ll do the topic chosen. Yes, I start now. Zero Zero Zero A hundred nine airers have been surveyed by women who have been surveyed for the last eight-nine months.

And the government did not have a budget until June. The budget was extended by the government in July 20,000. Added Rs 40 billion. And before that the women were eligible to get a survey before June. And they didn’t get the June installment or they didn’t get the march. So for that when she checked. So qualified. And the money that was their portal.

She checked there. Or checked the office go. So there was a money show. But when the money went to take. So the money that is. They have zero zero. The money was shown. So the purpose of talking is. That as many women were suffering from problems in this regard. So that’s for them.

Bisp September Qist 2023 Paiso Ki Katoti bisp Finger Print Issue

That they will get this episode. They have also found the previous Pachasi Soo. And those who had the amount on top of the arter. And went to get the money. So zero zero show. This episode will definitely come because they are eligible. The government did not have the first budget. Now they have that budget. Because now whatever installment comes after July will come, that’s fine.

Bisp updated

It was good news to you that I said I told you now is the second thing. That woman will go tomorrow. From the day of money or Monday and there they have a retail shop. He catches the whole money in their hands. What does he do after holding in hand? He shows up by doing so. Shu’s brother, Dala, said that I have fulfilled all 9,000 or 8,000,000.

But whenever they take the statement. So one thousand, two thousand and fifteen hundred rupees take place. See women who take money. If there is such a series with you. If he’s giving you 9,000. And taking the statement. So that means. That your money is not his right. And not even becomes. You have your right not to let him cut even a penny.

You are more powerful. The government pays you all the money. Through someone and through it. Habib retailer shops which are HBL connect. So he gives him a separate government from his commission batch. All the money you have. Nine thousand episodes come. As well as children’s educational scholarships. So they are your own.

It has no right. If you chip and cut. So you want. He will keep applying. Because of your fear, he will be bold because of your cowardice. Will push you too. Will also give you cheeks. But it will strengthen the next one. And you will be weak. See the woman leaves the house.

So there is a lot of inflation. The rent is a lot. Rent You set aside all day push You eat separately. And you got the money cut, too, it’s okay to push the gallows. So you have money. You have to be bold to cut money for not even a penny. Otherwise don’t tell me that brother our money has been deducted. Right.

Bisp Finger Print Issue

Now the next thing is that these women of fingerprints are now trans million women within Pakistan. In which the majority is like that. Those are poor women. Works at home. Their fingerprints get damaged. That’s why it’s hard to get the money again. And the difficulty that happens.

What happens to you? In two episodes and three episodes you can’t receive, the money you have. They go back after three episodes and then you are disqualified forever. Then you say. That brother they check us out. So our new one is bringing. At first, our money came.

We go to print finger. So the finger didn’t look print. See if this is the case then you immediately have your office of Benazir which is the office of close or feeling. They should refer to it. Take a witness ID card, and take a copy. A copy of your identity card and a number your mobile number which is your name, which is running.

That’s what you have to take. And you have to tell the print issue in your finger. We have planted sixteen times above the second device and eight times above one device at the top of the device. bisp Finger Print Issue then we have updated it in Nadra too. But then do.

So he comes to issue. So give us money without a fingerprint. Immediately you have to apply. So that they come to their notes. And don’t go back to your money. The women whose money goes back. Then they are always disqualified.

Bisp Change District

And secondly there are a lot of women inside Pakistan. Those who are on rent or from one city to another go their noise. So the cities within which they survey. Within these cities, they are authorized to take money. Because ATMs are not runningŪ” if she didn’t even take her previous episode of these women and won’t even take it.

And I’ll be waiting for the next installment. So don’t say that. Because the Benazir Income Support Program or the Sense Sponsorship Program is such a program. In this, women are eligible in every program, it is not that you are disqualified in this program. And then you get ineligible for all the programs. So whose money has come?

They can collect these two episodes. There can be three but the three will not be sustained. Will take the risk of two. If you don’t take one, the last installment with the other gets you together. You didn’t risk these things. It is not up to you to be delivered. Fingerprint is a huge issue. Try. Go to this servant. Who is the child of this man?

And go when there’s no rush. Because Saturday is Sunday vacation. From Sunday to Friday, these Retailers pay the king. And after five o’clock in the evening, you are not paid. Some women’s deliberate fingers would not be printed. And then the shopkeeper taking fifteen hundred and two thousand wheels is doing with you.

You can also file complaints with the police immediately by calling the above five Are. You can also have a pamphlet against it. And in Ja’s Benazir Income Support program you can campaign against it, its device will be closed. If you have not heard yet, the federal ombudsman may apply for a go.

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