BISP New Update HBL Contract expired Next Qist Bank Account 2024

I’m at your service. It’s great news today. That you’re going to be people’s bank account. They’re going to be unmatched cards. And the HBL Habib Connect research agreement has expired. So that’s the next installment. Will they come into your bank account? And it will become a Benazir card or bank account. They’ll be your free. Or he’ll have any money? And who will make it? What do you have to do to become an Ah Benazir card? You have to go. Or will make the government itself. And that’s the next installment. Where do you have to receive them from? Today this topic is above this topic of mine. I’ll read the post until the end. The nature is also unhealthy. I’m still making a post. As everyone knows, there are different attempts. That I should give you good information and you guys who have the information. You people reach the top of the door of the house. So today is this post in this regard.

BISP New Update HBL Contract expired Next Qist Bank Account 2024

HBL contract expired: There will be no cuts now.

That was good news. That this contract in which money was deducted is coming to an end. it’s done. And they will no longer be contracted with HBL. Which banks will be next?

Benazir Income Support Program installment New Update

So first of all, let me tell you that the installments of the Benazir Income Support Program are. There’s an episode. There are two and three women who have not yet received it, they should try to get their money by December 31. Because Habib Connect’s contract has expired. So it should not be that your money also becomes an issue. And then you have that to cause problems. Or cause trouble. If you and you have to face trouble, it is better to recover the money by December 31, even if you are from another district. Even if you are from another province. Or from another city. So try where your money comes in. And you go there and receive it. Habib Connect’s contract has expired before. And this contract will no longer be released. Let’s see.

Which bank and which way will run?

Let me tell you which banks come and what method comes next. First of all, let me tell you next. Which is the incoming bank will be multiple banks. Among these is Alfalah Bank. UBL will be omni. It will also be your national bank. JS will be the bank. And there will be Sindh Bank. With so the government has been affiliated.

Increase in the bank

More banks will increase it and the upcoming installment that will come to you will come to what accounts. Or you’ll get it in the same way. Just like the first way you’ve been taking on HBL. Now banks will become other but the method will be the same. Is that the way you get paid? That’s what I want to tell you. So that you can increase the information.

Will the BISP new installment come to the bank?

First of all, it was what people were talking about your bank account. No final decision has been made yet. That will be your next episode. She will come to the bank account. Or you will be paid in the same way. But HBL, won’t connect. It can be replaced by UBL Omni, Alfa Pay, and National Bank. In this, the account will come in the next installment or give you money in the old way. But those banks will change, it will not be finalized yet, it will be finalized in a few days. I’ll confirm that too to you.

Final Bank Name By Bisp

Alfalah Apna Sorry This may be JS Bank, It can be Sindh Bank, so so far there is no final word about the bank account that your bank account will be made.

You will have to pay money to create a bank account. or free

If your accounts are being made and whether the accounts will be yours, will your installment in the accounts come to the next accounts? Or you will get without accounts. So whenever your bank account is made, your Benazir card will be made, then there will be no fee for these cards, it will be total free, total will be free.

How to create a bank account

Bank accounts will be created. That government will give money on its behalf. All you have to do is apply fingerprints wherever you go. You have to put a thumb. In the bank that the government will tell you. The bank that you have to go to. And in the team present there, Benazir or Ehsaas team will be present there, they will make your account, they will give money for your accounts, and you will not given a single rupee. You don’t have to go anywhere, you don’t have to run anywhere. Avoid fraud, someone speaks of money to you, someone tells you that you have got the code from us. They should tell them the code of four, six should tell them the code. You have no information of any kind whatever call comes from the religious office.

How to get a checkbook and ATM

Then you will also be given an ATM. You will also be given a checkbook. You have to take your money through a checkbook. So you can take it through the checkbook. It has to be taken through an ATM. So the ATM Bank will be a card. You can get money through it. It will be your will. The government is going to facilitate you, Insha Allah I hope.

How long will the checkbook and ATM be available?

I hope the bank will become accountable. If it is not made by March, you will also have an ATM card by June. You will also have your bank account and these totals will be free, so try December 31, 2023.

New Finger Update

If the singer is a print issue, then go and apply to the office so that I do not look like a finger. If there is a problem in the district, then go to other districts in the district and withdraw money, lest the contract of HBL expires after December 31. Your money went back and you should be disqualified because the money went back. Inshallah, as soon as I get a confirmed post. I’ll tell you. Tomorrow I’ll make a video and let you know. In which the women who come after getting the survey done. And then how are they qualified and incompetent? When does their money come? How does the ability message come about? When does it come? it also comes. Isn’t that?

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