Bisp Program 18000 Apply New Installment 2023- 24

Bisp program 18000 Apply New Installment 2023- 24


BISP Program

Ah, this has been my attempt. Whenever there is a Bisp Program 18000 Apply from the government or a scheme comes, accurate information is about it. They get to you guys. So that you people benefit from it and that’s why. So we will try. That the Authentic keeps the correct information. So that you get every update first. So here is the biggest scheme. In today’s video about it I have information with you guys. He is going to share. And this and this information is shared with you people. So that you guys can benefit from it.

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Benazir Income Support Program Mega Project

The government is currently running the mega project. That is the Benazir Income Support Program and the seven million through it. They were benefiting. But it was added to a million families. So the same millions of households. He had permanently become his regular beneficiary. So here you were constantly taking installments from the Benazir Income Support Program. Now here the government has increased it. After the increase, the installment will now be found. The new installment you have to get. it can be. Be it last installment.

When will the next installment get the fastest update

And you guys get the payment of only nine thousand rupees here. Its reasson is this. That caretaker Setup is running. And who is his project. She has to be an end. Before June 2000, a new survey will be conducted again in June 2000. Until then, the money you come to come will continue to come. After that they will be closed. But this is Payment. You will find this January. Then which is the Six Month. That can be. You don’t get payment. Here is its reason.


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There will be a caretaker government and no survey will be conducted by it. If there was another government. So she used to survey etc. And then there must be timely election. If the election happens. Timely you guys are June.

Bisp Program 18000 Apply

Those who are eligible within June. Will be eligible. They will be issued a fellow payment. Which will be about Bisp Program 18000 Apply. And before that, it is the government’s job to try to give the Installment that is before. However, the caretaker government is being tried by people who did not receive children’s educational scholarships. They will also meet. And who had any installment short? They will also get. For example, you didn’t take the previous episode. So they will get you with this episode.

Taleemi wazaif and Six Months Episode Update

If you did not receive children’s educational benefits before. So nine thousand rupees will get you from here. And you will get the money from the children’s Six Month here. Now, the last time those who had lost this payment within September or took nine thousand rupees. So they are going to get more money now. Because their children have educational benefits. Will meet in January. So the Six Month will have their children’s educational benefits. So almost the minimum of those whose benefits live, if we include nine thousand rupees. So from eighteen thousand to twenty -six thousand children who are educational scholarships. And your payment. It will be given by the government. And whose children do not have educational scholarships. They will get only nine thousand rupees.

Utility Stores Update

And inside the utility store you are being given subsidies. If you have a utility store. So if you are in the Benazir Income Support Program, after checking your name there, the food items that are there are food and drinking things that are there.

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