Benazir Rashan Program update on September 2023

The latest new updates on the Benazir Income Support Program and Benazir Rashan program Provider are sharing with you today. The second installment of Rs 9,000 from the government will be sent to your account.

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And you will get it, but the great news has been heard before. Now you are also going to get rations. Benazir Rashan program has been restored. Where will you get the ration. How much will be found. Full details will tell you.

And will also tell. That rations will be for the whole of Pakistan. Or just going to inform you of the full details for Punjab.

Benazir Rashan Program Restored New Update September

Waiting for September payment continues. Rs. 9000 will be sent to your account. We also cleaned you up. Will discuss more about it. But the biggest and most important news today is. That the ration has been restored۔ Rashan What mix and what ration will be given to you this section.

Benazir Rashan program registration

Let’s see you, the caretaker government has heard a good news for the public. If you have an ID card. So can take rations. Just as Benazir Income Support program is conditioned. That you must be married. You have only one condition to get this ration.


  • Must be ID card.
  • And your poverty should be up to PMT score 40۔

And there is no condition in it. This has been considered at the guilty meeting by the caretaker Chief Minister Punjab Mohsin Naqvi. That we are going to run the rations. Total 2100 its points should be created across Punjab.

There will be seven and a half centuries. Which will give you this ration on the utility store. Anyone is an individual. If he takes the original computerized ID card. There, on the Utility store, it will get rations. Now what’s in ration. Announced by the government.

Which deal will you be provided۔

You hear that you will be provided with sugar. The way the rest was provided. So that’s how the Chinese are now being given relief. Each family has a five kg packet. He will be able to receive the sugar. And it will be regularly discounted. Attention has been paid.

It will be special subjects. A huge announcement has been made by the government yesterday. We said let you know about it. There are utility stores in your city. So be there and receive discounted rations showing ID card.

Benazir Rashan Program update on September 2023

2000 begins to meet again۔

The 2000 payment series is also being started. Your payment will usually be issued in September. Its final plan has also been arranged from Monday to Friday. And you’ll start getting payment. Payment This time you have HBL and which retailer shop. You will be able to get your payment through Bank Alphabet and bisp device.


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