Benazir Kafalat Program PWD Monitoring Application Online Registration 2023

A big decision has also come out regarding the upcoming episode of the Benazir Kafalat program how much is this installment going to get this time? The final decision has come out in this regard, you have heard the news before that the installment of the kafalat program has been increased.

Not 9000 rupees. Now you will get ten thousand. So that increase was done by Shahbaz Sharif government. But it has not been applied in any case yet. And so his government also went. Now the watchdog setup has come. It was the hope of this caretaker government that this increase would be applied from the first installment. But the caretaker government has announced the decision regarding this increase. The details are also going to be given to you in the same post.

What is PWD App?

Will also update you regarding the new app. Through which you can register at home. Do it so that in the coming time you will get important and latest information about various assistance programs in a timely manner. Let us tell you that WPD is an app through which the data of disabled people is being collected, we have explained it to you in detail in an earlier post. How to register, how to send your data. And who can apply for it?

Now you will find this pwd app on the Play Store, but for those who are not getting this app on the Play Store, the link is also given in the post. Through which you can download directly. And all the information related to this pwd app and the registration procedure, and all your questions have been answered in the previous one as well. If you want complete information.

Benazir Kafalat Program Update

Now let me update you regarding the kafalat program the installments of eight thousand seven hundred and fifty rupees were being released by the previous government i.e. Shehbaz government and it was going like this once eighty-five hundred and one You were getting 9000 rupees. Then some time before leaving the government, it was told by Shehbaz Sharif.

The installment of the sponsorship program is being increased by another twenty percent, but after that no new installment was made and his government also left. It has to be done case by case, but now the caretaker government has also given a decision that the installment of the kafalat program will continue as per the previous schedule, only in seven districts it will be given through the banking system.

Apart from them, all people will be able to get their installments under the agent system. And regarding the increase in installments, the final news has been given that no increase has been made in the installments. This time you will get an installment of eight thousand five hundred rupees, not ten thousand rupees, not 9000 rupees, according to the schedule. And along with the installment of the kafalat program, the installment of educational scholarships will also be released.

And the biggest question till now is when these episodes will be released. So the caretaker prime minister has given a decision regarding these assistance that the various assistance programs that are running under the Benazir Income Support Program must be continued according to the previous schedule. It has been informed by the management team of PK that God willing, from the second week of September i.e. from the 10th, the installment of the sponsorship program along with the installment of educational scholarships will also be released.

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