Benazeer ATM Card Our Bank Account 2023

Today my program is HBL which is becoming ATM card or your bank account is becoming social security card I am giving you some information about it. This post is specially for the people of Lahore, Peshawar, Quetta, Sanghar, DI Khan, North Waziristan, Peshawar and Jo Sukkur. That now the account is being created through which money will be given to you.

Posting frequently has a purpose so that you don’t forget to provide awareness. Because whenever a new program is launched. So there are as many Faradays as possible within this program. They become them. And through this, they start pulling their prey. Now I have received many calls from women that’s why I am making this post.

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Social Security bank account ATM card

So that you are aware so that you know see Ah Benazir Social Protection Bank Account Benazir Social Protection Benazir Social Protection Ah Bank Account is its name. This is your account, it is automatically made yours. How do you receive? How do you give? How to get home?
How will the card reach your home?

Its procedure has not been finalized yet. Final will be given to your homes through post boxes or you will be given by hand inside the post office.

Women will have to go to the bank

Many women are going inside the banks. And you are making your own account. See, listen to me. Already your account is with the government. Benazir Income support program. After Nadra, your fingerprints are also available.

How to have a bank account in your name

The same account will be transferred in these banks and an account will be created in your name in which you will be provided with a check book and an ATM card.

You can withdraw money through this check book and ATM card. Which check book or which bank will have the ATM card or account. You can withdraw money from this bank’s ATM, from any branch of this bank, through check, through ATM.

Can we create account from retailer shop?

You can’t talk to any retailer shop owner at all. And you did not create an account through it. Any woman who creates an account will automatically have a private account.

Will the payment be received in a personal bank account?

It will have its own personal. If that were the case, when would the government have told you and you should go to your respective banks and open an account in such and such a bank, because there are 90 lakh women in Pakistan and there are about 200,000 such women.

There are women in Lahore. How can two lakh women create an account now? Therefore, you have to transfer your data in banks and your account will be generated in the bank in which the transfer will be made. Now how to get checkbook ATM card and Benazir card? Its procedure is yet to be finalised. You haven’t gone anywhere.

All information will reach you. Absolutely do not create any bank account on your own. If someone tells you, I will make you a card. do nothing. This was a video. The purpose of making it is to provide you with awareness.

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