Bisp HBL ATM se paise Nikalne ka Tarika 2023 bisp cash withdrawal by HBL ATM


Today we will tell you, people, about withdrawing money from ATM. How Benazir Income Support Program Money. How can you guys receive from ATM to HBL’s ATMs? A lot of people were commenting to tell us how to get money from ATM. But before that let’s give you the good news that many people have a fingerprint problem.

But now change that and now the five fingers of the five i.e. four fingers and one thumb will look like yours. All right? At first, it seemed just and only your thumb but now the system here has been updated. So you guys can easily receive money from ATM. And keep one thing in mind this ATM hbl ATM will work only in Punjab if you belong to Sindh then you can withdraw money from the bank Alfalah area from there.

Bisp HBL ATM se paise Nikalne ka Tarika

First of all, you guys will go to HBL’s branch. Where there is an ATM and there is money in the ATM. All right. You will go to the ATM and after going to the ATM, you guys have the first button After clicking on it, this type of menu will be opened in front of you people. Here you have to select the option of Benazir Income Support Program or Ehsaas Kafalat Program, after waiting for a while, here you will ask for this card number.

You guys have to give the card number carefully. And if you have to give the correct card number, do not give the wrong, then You won’t have a fingerprint match. As soon as your card number is complete. You guys will get the fingerprint option in front of you. Please put your thumb on the biometric you guys will have a device installed below.

You guys have to put your thumb there. Whatever the right or left can keep is fine. You’ll feel your thumb as soon as you wait. This will tell you please wait now it’s his fingerprint he didn’t feel correct. I’ll try again. Again I put on the fingerprint and see that his who is fingered. You guys will be here. You want to check your statement that people want to take full money.

That’s how much you guys have left. How much is left in your account? So you guys can check the first statement as well. If you guys have someone checked before. So there’s no problem, okay? After that, you guys have to enter the money and you guys have to click it on it, the buttons of the HBL ATM which is also work, and its screen also works.

Benazir Income Support Program ATM New Update

At the same time, let’s keep you updated about the latest update regarding the installment of Rs 9,000 from the Benazir Kafalat Program. The remaining payments of Rs 9,000 have been made to the kafalat program since 9 pm on Monday, July 3.

So all the people who have not yet received their own can go to their nearest agents and get their pocket payments, whether it is the payment of Ehsaas Kafalat programs or the payment of children’s educational scholarships. You will also be able to get these payments from the ATM machine.


Remember that you guys must get the receipt, well the receipt is very important, on the receipt you will know how much balance you people have left, how much your money came, it is a complete detail. I hope you like these updates.

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