Azadi Package Rashan Raiyat Subsidy Program New update 2023

New Program Azadi Package Rashan Program

8171 rashan Sand Program or Ehsaas Kafalat rashan Discount Program. About Ehsaas rashan This Azadi Package Rashan has been launched from August 11. It is also named the Azadi Package Rashan. And along with that, those women have also been included in them. Women who were ineligible. And what was their PMT score?

He was up to forty. They will also be able to benefit from this program now. What is their procedure? In this post today I will tell you that. So this is also good news. Ah for those women who did not get ration before. And there is good news. So informative post. The purpose of making coffee is to give awareness to your people.

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Before August 11, which women received rashan?

So before today, before August 11, rashan was given to these women. Women who were beneficiaries of the Benazir Income Support Program or Ehsaas Kafalat Program. Along with them, some changes were made to the program. And by making changes these women were also included. whose score was up to forty.

For example, whose income was up to forty thousand. So what has been changed in the program? The first was the 5566 program. He used to generate court on mobile. You had to take that code to the Benazir income support utility store and you used to get five kilos of ghee, five kilos of sugar, and forty kilos of flour at the court.

Change in Azadi Package rashan Program

Has it changed now? The flour is twenty kilos. Along with this, ghee is five kilos, sugar is five kilos, and white gram is added to it. Pulses are added to it. And rice was added to it. These three items were further added to it and the amount of flour was reduced from five guts to two guts, which means that it used to be fifty kilos. Now you will be given twenty kilos in a month.

How to get items from the Naya Ehsaas rashan Program

How to take it now? I will tell you the method so that you can understand it easily and you can also convey this to others. First of all, you have to check your PMT score. You can also ask me to check.

PMT Score Check Online

Or on Google, PMT, it will be a web portal, turn on the web portal. You will put your ID card number on it, then you have to put it on search, then your PMT score will come, whose color gang graduation will be written, it will be up to 40 PMT score. He will be eligible for this program.

Whose PMT score will be up to forty. Above 40, the option of pink color or red color is available. When you check PMTs. Then the option of sorry comes and the third option comes while checking the PMT score. Because your record doesn’t exist. For those who do not have records, it means they are not surveyed. Or the web portal that happens due to technical error at that time. He is not walking, this may be the reason.

How much monthly concession will be given after checking the score?

In a month, you will get five kilos of sugar which is Rs. It will be given for Rs. There are white chickpeas, pulses, and rice, which will be given to you for Rs. So these five or six things are easily available from the utility store at a discounted price. They are not given free of charge. This will be a deal on top of the discounted price.

Utility Store Complaint

Now people will say that the utility store owners do not provide these goods. You are absolutely right. I have the complaint number. The utility store is also in Islamabad. And they also have a helpline. Those who want can take the complaint number and helpline number from me. Now some have run out of supplies and the quota is over.

As much as the quota comes. In this, they give to people. They even steal some themselves. Hide things and do not give to people. So you are not giving them to you. And if they have quota then you can also compel them. Well, if they don’t have the quota, then you go to another utility store. Thirdly, you can get the goods from any utility store in Pakistan.

Benazir Kafalat Program PMT Score Check and its Benefits

After checking the PMT score, the women who are taking money in the Benazir income support program. There is no need to check their PMT score. They are already eligible for it. Those who are not women are not taking money in the Benazir Income Support Program, they can check their PMT if they are up to forty. What was before that was a more meaningful program Benazir income support program was given only to women.

Azadi package

Now this program has been slightly modified and other women have been included in it. That is why it is named the Azadi package. And this whole year will continue in the same way. So because more people had to be included. People are more and more close, so there was no procedure. This

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