8171 Web Portal 25000 CNIC Check Online 2023

You are under Ehsaas Kafalat program. 25000 rupees can be received from the test. How to use 8171 Web Portal 25000 CNIC Check Online So this is what I will share with you in today’s post. Which one is that?

People can qualify for it. And 8171 Web Portal can check 25000 CNIC Check Online assistance. So that’s the whole way. Also I will tell you how to register yourself for 25000 assistance.

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Ehsaaa Kafalat program 25000 Eligibility Criteria

25000 can get assistance of Rs. So let’s talk about what kind of support is available to a family affected by any natural calamity under the program. 25000 rupees assistance has been given. The program is exactly what it is. is new.

So this aid has come to the families who were affected by floods and earthquakes. Whose house etc. They had fallen. Due to flooding. And many places that were damaged due to the earthquake had mud houses. So he is what he is. This means that the aid can be received.

8171 Web Portal 25000 CNIC Check Online

So which way is that? You can get it! This is what the government of Pakistan decided not to leave these people behind and come and these people who have lost their homes and what is more, the people affected by the earthquake have lost their home.

Because their buildings were damaged, the government of Pakistan decided to help them and give them an aid of twenty five thousand. So let me show you on the mobile screen. How to open the portal and what is in it. You have your own. How can. So yes, whatever you use. You have to open it. which is after opening.

You have 1871 web portal which is. to open. As soon as you open it. This kind of interface will appear in front of you. OK, this type of enter face will appear. As soon as you open it, you can read the total.

Document enter on web Portal

See it written here. First of all, your name ID card mobile number is correct. And you have to write your age and the number of family you have to write. And children under ten years of age. You have to write the number of them and you have to select the one after which you are married. What do you have to do? What is your full address?

You have to write that also completely. So write what is. That’s all below. That’s why I’m showing you. That you can read is also written in Urdu. You can also read it completely. It is completely new. And by doing your registration. You can join it. So that’s the way you form everything. Above I showed you what is again. I show you.

Confirmation Notification 25000

8171 will get notification of what it is. In which you will be told. That you who are will be the confirmation of all that is. Ah, then you have Joe. This will bring up a message. And you will be told. You are eligible for this program. And you can get a grant of twenty five thousand rupees.

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So that’s the way it is. You have to fill the form properly. Your phone number is absolutely original. And the ID card number is How many people live in your household. The one that has been written in Urdu for two years. After that you have completed the If you have given the address, you have to send it by clicking on the seed in the same way that you can register in it. can join this program.

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