8171 Ehsaas Program Main Ahl Kaise Hoa Jaye 2023

8171 Ehsaas Program Main Ahl Kaise Hoa Jaye 2023

8171 Ehsaas Program Main Ahl Kaise Hoa Jaye

Today is the purpose of my post. Women who come for the 8171 Ehsaas Program Main Ahl Kaise Hoa Jaye survey. And she is sitting waiting. That we will qualify. Now not every woman who takes a survey is going to be given an official. When a woman comes for a survey. So it has two consequences. There is one. The passer is one. One qualified and the other ineligible. Now I will tell those women first. Who are those women? who are disqualified?

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And she keeps waiting. That brother, we have come to conduct a survey. So we have not received any message yet. So I am making this post about it. These are the questions. And above this question, I make a post. And making it again and again. Purpose of creating a post. That you have to provide awareness to people. So first of all let me tell you this.

Objective of the survey

The purpose of the survey is to survey. What is your data? He should go to the government. Different questions are asked there, there are sixty-two questions. Sixty-two questions are asked of you. And then again that which is data. Goes to Nadra. When the data goes to NADRA. Then NADRA verifies it by sending it to different departments.

What data is verified for the survey?

Now your PMT is created. Unless your PMT schools are less than thirty-two. If she is a widow. It is also given a little priority. Is divorced. It is also given a little priority. Any person in the household who is disabled and registered with NADRA. So the government also gives priority to it. That is, it gives importance. Now it is very important to register everything in your NADRA. If you do not register yourself with NADRA, you will be disqualified. If there is a disability, it is necessary to register the disability.

How to Check and Reduce PMT Score

This makes your PMT score eligible for family up to thirty-seven. Whose home has a disabled person? And it is registered in NADRA Now let me explain why it is disqualified. And how does your PMT grow? How can you reduce your PMD? First, let me give a small example.

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Consider some important things to reduce PMT score

There is a woman. She calls for that money from outside Pakistan. And that money comes through the bank. Or comes via Western Union. And her identity card or her husband’s identity card is used. She must be borrowing money. But when his identity card is used. So the government will understand. That this thing is his. So he gets his PMT blood. And the government declares him incompetent. If she is taking money,

but when her identity card is used, the government will think that this thing belongs to her, then her PMD will be blocked and the government will declare her ineligible. Even if she is taking money, her money will be blocked. If not taking it, the survey should be done now. So his PMTs go beyond that. Someone takes land and takes a house. Ehsaas program Register it. Or a stamp from the government which is twelve hundred. Or whatever the thousand is. Enter on the computer. So this also increases your PMD. And you keep taking money.

So you are disqualified. If you have five responsibilities in your name. Ah, legitimate cash on your name ID card is easy money, the bank account is. Any of your identity that is online like when you go to NADRA is an identity card made by an emergency agent. Which is called executive. This also makes your PMD. Even if you are taking money. So you will be declared government NAB. Now he becomes the same day for 500 rupees within an hour. If you make a ten-day one, the normal fee will be charged. Fifty rupees. So it will matter to you.

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The device will be installed in your home. Its internet bill is visible on top of your ID card. It will be in someone’s name. The data of your electricity unit is checked for the whole year. There is no balance on the mobile phone. They are also checked throughout the year. There is no such thing above the base. who are doing Your ID card is used wherever you send money to someone. It uses your identity card. Jays sell cash. On top of that, your identity card is used. Send money through the bank. An identity card is used.

This increases your PMT. What you have told in the survey. It will be different if you have verification online. Keep things online to a minimum. He is more important. Surveys that come in handy. It doesn’t matter. If you will do the survey even a thousand times. And your PMT will be higher. So you will always be disqualified. that’s why Keep PMT low. And keep taking money for three years. Keep your mobile balance to a minimum, and keep half a name on your phone.

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