Zewar e Taleem Program installment start and Check online Payment 2023

Today I am making an article on this installment concerning the Zewar e Taleem Program. That installment of the Zewar e Taleem Program has been released. From today the Zewar e Taleem is what it is. She will be able to meet you. This is a six-month installment. This is how many episodes it has come. And what months has it come from? Which districts did it come from? How many children have had an episode? And those who did not come. For what reason did it not come? Above that is the article. You must read it until the end.

Zewar e Taleem Program

What is Zewar e Taleem Program?

First of all, let me tell you that this is a program from Zewar e Taleem Program Punjab, Social Protection Authority. And it is only children who benefit from this program.

What districts and numbers of the Zewar e Taleem Program

Let me tell you a little bit. There is Khushab, Mian Wali, Bhakkar is, Lia is, Chiniot is, Jhang is, Okara is, Pakpattan is. Ah, Dji Khan is, Rajanpur is, Bahawalpur is, Bahawalnagar is Rahim Yar Khan is Ah Lodhran and almost these make up sixteen districts. One half to be missed. So for that, I apologize. So these sixteen districts form roughly Punjab.

Districts List

  • Bhakar
  • Kasoor
  • Okara
  • Lodhra
  • Wihari
  • Pakpattan
  • Khanewal
  • Jhang
  • Dera Ghazi Khan
  • Rajan Pur
  • Muzafar Garh
  • Liyah
  • Bahawalpur
  • Rahim Yar Khan
  • Chiniot

Which classes and students will receive money?

Among these, the girl is studying at a public school. He is a sixth-grade student from the sixth. There are nearly six million children registered in the entire Punjab under the A Zewar e Taleem Program.

How many children’s installments will last and how many will remain?

And the episode of one million to almost five thousand children has just been released. And who are the other five million children? Why didn’t his episode go on? For what reason? Let me tell you how many episodes have come? And how many months has it been? He tells me to move a little further. At first, let me scold the parents a little because the children’s Taleem scholarships were not coming. Children’s educational scholarships are on hold. So why are they stopping? Those who have also stopped the Zewar e Taleem Program. Five million girls have not been paid.

Children who do not receive money in the Zewar e Taleem Program What’s wrong with them?

DUE TO PARENTAL NEGLIGENCE. So let me tell you that the parents are the children who were not in full attendance. Another one of those kids whose formalities are wrong. As many children study in public schools. I am telling all the parents of the child in the Zewar e Taleem Program or the Zewar e Taleem Program. Please make sure to update your Ah Jo Na Bareform. The old ones are woven.

New ones are made. Submit to schools after completing the mandatory update. Only the fault of the parents. Get up today right away who is a student from school holiday to 10th in class. He must update his formlessness; indeed, his formlessness is new. Or if the old one is made they have to do their formless mandatory update. Now let me tell you what the jewel is in the education program.

The installment of the Zewar e Taleem Program comes in a few months.

In what months and who heard what has been released? And how much has been released? Which is one quarter from October to December and which is the second quarter. Twenty-two thousand thirty is that from January to March. It has been released in an installment of about six months. The child also has seventy percent attendance. And its shapeless update is the new shapeless. That is, correct is formless.

Zewar e Taleem program will be received from the bank that pays for the payment.

So this payment has been issued to him. It has been issued to almost one million children, ranging from about one million to one million to ten thousand. And this money is issued at the rate of one thousand per month. The money has been issued from these branches of the Bank of Punjab, Bangkok. And on top of UBL Omni and Alfalah Bank’s alpha pay, it will be available to you. So let me tell you again that only those girls who are eligible for the Zewar e Taleem Program are eligible for this program.

The last words

that a student from sixth to tenth grade is And she is studying in a public school. And what belongs to them is one of the sixteen districts. What I have mentioned are the sixteen districts. Encourage your children who are to receive their scholarships in education. Of the Zewar e Taleem Program, the Zewar e Taleem Program is separate. This program has nothing to do with the Zewar e Taleem Program.

The resource is education. This Punjab social protection authority is only for girls belonging to sixteen districts of Punjab who study from 6th to 10th. Only they have been issued money. And the money that goes from the October hundred of two thousand bays to the October one quarter to the two thousand bays that make up the quarter of December. These children have been sent to Manath for Rs 1,000 from January to March.

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