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In today’s whatsapp groups for friendship, the Internet and social media have changed the face of human communication. Where earlier people used to make friendships through socializing, gatherings and events, now mobile applications have made the process very easy and quick. One such application is WhatsApp, which is not only a means of messaging but also a means of creating a new world of friendships through group chats.

Friendship is a beautiful and eternal relationship that brings happiness and love in one’s life. In today’s age, when everything has gone digital, friendship has also become possible through modern technology. Making new friends through WhatsApp groups is an easy and popular way. In this article, we will discuss girls mobile numbers in whatsapp group for friendship.

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What are WhatsApp groups?

WhatsApp Groups is a feature through which different people can join the same chat room and communicate with each other. These groups are created for various purposes, such as educational purposes, workplace communication, family communication, and most of all, friendship.

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Importance of WhatsApp groups for friendship

Friendship is an important part of human life which increases happiness and lessens sorrow. Whatsapp groups are important for friendship because they connect people from different regions, cultures and backgrounds. These groups provide a platform for individuals to share their thoughts, experiences and interests.

Advantages of WhatsApp groups for friendship

  1. Easy Connecting : Making new friends through WhatsApp groups is very easy. You can join any group and start chatting with new people.
  2. Free from time and place constraints : You are not bound by any specific place or time to join WhatsApp groups. You can chat whenever you want, wherever you want.
  3. Common Interests : People in WhatsApp groups for friendship usually share similar hobbies and interests. This creates a fluidity in the conversation and provides an opportunity to discuss common topics.
  4. Instant Response : After joining WhatsApp groups, you get instant response. If you ask a question or start a topic, people immediately get feedback.

Types of Whatsapp Groups for Friendship

  1. Study groups : If you are a book lover, you can join groups where people comment on different books and give suggestions for new books.
  2. Tour Groups : These groups are best for the tour enthusiasts. Here you can share photos, experiences and tips of different places.
  3. Health and Fitness Groups : These groups are great for sharing useful information and tips for healthy living.
  4. Cooking Groups : If you are passionate about cooking, you can join groups where people share different recipes and cooking methods.

How to create WhatsApp groups for friendship?

  1. Choose a topic : First, decide what topic your group will be on. For example, study, tourism, fitness etc.
  2. Name the group : Give the group a unique and interesting name that will attract people to join the group.
  3. Create rules and regulations : Create some rules and regulations for the group to keep the discussion environment pleasant.
  4. Invite Members : Send invitations to add people to the group. You can also add your friends and acquaintances.
  5. Keep the group active : Post something daily to keep the group active and encourage members to join the conversation.

Success secrets of WhatsApp groups for friendship

  1. Positive Environment : Always promote a positive environment in the group and avoid negative talk.
  2. Respect members : Respect every member's opinion and don't underestimate anyone.
  3. Interesting topics : Always discuss interesting and informative topics to keep members interested.
  4. Various Activities : Organize various activities in the group like question and answer sessions, competitions and games etc.

The benefits of friendship

Friendship brings many benefits in human life. It is not only a source of happiness and peace but also helps in difficult times. Spending time with friends is beneficial for mental and physical health.

Importance of friendship on WhatsApp

In today's era, when everything has gone online, making friends on WhatsApp has become a new trend. It is not only convenient but also saves time. You can make new friends and chat with them from any corner of the world.

Ways to Join Whatsapp Group for Friendship

There are different ways to join a WhatsApp group:

  1. Joining through Group Link : This is the easiest way. You just have to click on the group link and you join the group.
  2. Requesting Admin : If the group link is not available, you can join by requesting the group's admin.
  3. Joining with friends : If your friends are in a group, they can also add you.
whatsapp groups for friendship
whatsapp groups for friendship

Girls mobile number security

Security of girls' mobile numbers is an important issue in WhatsApp groups. Before sharing the number it is important to take care of your privacy and share the number only with trusted people.

Important tips for friendship

Following are some important tips for friendship:

  1. Sincerity : Sincerity is very important in friendship. You should be sincere with your friends.
  2. Respect : Respect friends and respect their opinion.
  3. Trust : Friendship is based on trust, so trust your friends.
  4. Being helpful : Help your friends and stand by them in difficult times.


Using girls' mobile numbers for friendship in a WhatsApp group is a good way, provided you keep privacy and respect in mind. Friendship is a beautiful relationship that makes life more beautiful. Be happy with your friends and support each other.

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