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Kisan Card Program Registration


The Kisan Card program was launched by the government to provide financial assistance and various financial services to small and backward farmers. The objective of this program is to provide assistance to farmers for cash requirements, purchase of agricultural inputs, and payment of farming-related expenses. Kisan Card is issued by various financial institutions and individuals can apply to the bank along with their land ownership and other information.

The main purpose of the Kisan Card is to help them get subsidies on fertilizers and seeds, which makes their farming activities more sustainable. Online registration of this program helps the farmers to reduce their financial burden and gives them the opportunity to avail all its benefits through the Kisan Debit Card.

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Through the Kisan Card programY77F5C, the government has taken steps to help farmers in various aspects of their labor, which is a step towards improving their economic condition. The Kisan Card program is indeed an important financial option for farmers that energizes their agriculture and accelerates their financial growth.

Eligibility Criteria

All land-owning farmers are eligible. Kisan Card 8070 online check provides easy availability of agricultural loans to farmers to increase the crop production of the farmer. This card scheme supports the concept of financial sharing to accelerate rural development and the growth of the agriculture sector. Ownership of land is the basic condition for participation in the Kisan Card 8070 scheme.

How to get Kisan Card Program Registration Online Pakistan

The government of Pakistan has made the Kisan Card registration process very easy. To get Kisan Card, you need to enter your National Identity Card number and dial code.

  • The first step is to enter the code written on the DAP bag along with your National Identity Card number.
  • After entering the National Identity Card number and code, you have to call 8070.
  • After calling 8070, you are immediately informed whether you have received any benefit from this code or not.
  • If you are told that you have not received a benefit, you are offered a subsidy. Through this you are given Rs 1100 for each card.

Kisan Card Mobile App Download

21,500 farmers have been given Kisan cards. Click on the following link to download the app.

Kisan credit card application online 

If a philanthropist is not yet registered, they should visit their nearest agriculture department, where their credentials will be verified. After registering, they can open their HBL Connect Kisan Card account, an SMS will be sent to their mobile number for Kisan Program card delivery.

Agricultural extension services provide technical assistance to farmers in agricultural fields, and include many agricultural institutions to increase crop productivity.

Kisan card Punjab

According to the Punjab Kisan Card Registration Check 8070 information, the country is the main channel for providing fertilizer and seed subsidy due to financial instability. Through this subsidy, small and marginal farmers do not have to face social and financial constraints in purchasing fertilizers and seeds. Punjab government has taken initiative to help farmers through subsidy scheme on fertilizer and seeds.

As a back-up to this very important business, farmers are provided with a contract with an insurance company. The company has to pay a small amount on behalf of the farmer company community, and in return, the farmer can claim financial ruin or minimization of crop loss in case of any loss.

You can check all the details of the Punjab Crop Insurance Program at this link

Kisan card online check

The Online Kisan Card application submission process has been started. If you want to get Kisan Card information or know about Kisan Card functionality, I can guide you. After biometric verification, all registered farmers can now open HBL Konnect accounts, while those who are not registered, can register themselves at the Agriculture Department office.

Kissan card subsidy

You can get the message received through your Kisan Card from the Assistant Director’s Office or Deputy Director’s Office of Agriculture. Through the e-voucher system, fertilizers, cotton seeds, and pesticide sprays are subsidized. A voucher is available for each bag of composted seed. Farmers can avail of the subsidy by texting this voucher code along with their National Identity Card number to 8070. The amount of subsidy is as follows:

  • Subsidy on DAP: 1000 PKR per bag
  • Subsidy on cotton seed: 1000 PKR per bag
  • Subsidy on Insecticide Spray: 1200 PKR per Asar

Kisan card benefits

Farmers are getting several benefits through Kisan Card:

  1. STORAGE AND MARKETING FACILITIES: Through Kisan Card, crops can be used and stored for a longer period of time, which is beneficial for selling at better prices in the market.
  2. Affordable Loans at Low Interest Rate: Through Kisan Card, loans are given to farmers at low interest rates, enabling them to expand their business.
  3. SMALL LOANS THROUGH AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT BANK LIMITED (ZTLB): This new disbursement technique increases the productivity of small and marginal farmers, and with the help of Agricultural Development Bank Limited they can avail loans.
  4. ACCESS TO CREDIT: The Kisan Card provides farmers with easy access to loans and credit from various financial institutions, enabling them to avail credit at low interest rates.
  5. Subsidy on Agricultural Inputs: Kisan Card holders can avail subsidy on various agricultural inputs like fertilizers, seeds, pesticides, and other farming related products.
  6. Insurance Coverage: Kisan Card holders are eligible for insurance coverage for crops, livestock and other assets related to agriculture, protecting them against various accidental losses.
  7. Discounts on agricultural products: The Kisan Card allows farmers to avail discounts on various agricultural products, such as seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides.
  8. Convenience: The Kisan Card provides farmers with an easy way to access financial services and pay for various farming-related expenses, such as cash withdrawals, purchases, and bill payments.
  9. Government Benefits: The Kisan Card gives farmers access to various government schemes and benefits, such as subsidies, loan waivers, and other financial assistance.

Which banks are associated with kisan card in pakistan

Many banks and financial institutions in Pakistan are affiliated under the Kisan Card program. Some of the major banks that are involved in the Kisan Card program are as follows:

  1. National Bank of Pakistan (NBP)
  2. United Bank Limited (UBL)
  3. Habib Bank Limited (HBL)
  4. Allied Bank Limited (ABL)
  5. MCB Bank Limited
  6. Agricultural Development Bank Limited (ZTBL)
  7. Bank Al Habib Limited
  8. Sindh Bank Limited
  9. Bank of Khyber
  10. Bank Islami Pakistan Limited

These banks provide Kisan Cards with various benefits and features, such as credit facilities, insurance coverage, and subsidies on agro-agricultural projects. One can approach these banks to apply for a Kisan Farmer Card, and access various financial services and benefits related to agriculture.

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Kisan card helpline number

To find Kisan Card helpline number, you can call “0800-17000”. And contact the same number for more details.

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