HEC laptop scheme 2023 application status PM Laptop Scheme New Update 2023-24

HEC laptop scheme

Well, in this article I am going to tell you when to get HEC laptop scheme. What has happened now? And what’s going to happen? How to meet next? So the article has to be read till last. And as soon as any news comes, I immediately give it to you people so that you people stay updated.

HEC laptop scheme 2023 application status

And those whose name has not yet been verified, it means. Brother, that’s what their case means in sourness. that may be possible that it is not necessary because it is not verified. That’s the people who have applied. If all of them get laptops, they are getting sorted out of it. So it’s the jinn. Congratulations to those who did not happen and see you for another day or two. So that’s what I’ll say better luck next time.

HEC laptop scheme process

Now what is the next process, just a while ago I have news from HEC, about two hours ago, I will show you what news was there because it is on my mobile very soon on behalf of his HEC. Let me read the whole message to you. Yes, he has said that hec, which is very fresh, says that on the instructions of Prime Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif, the process of distributing my laptops to the talented students will start soon to take the hardworking youth of Pakistan to the world and adapt to the modern requirements. Meaning the verification has been completed.

When will the distribution Start Date?

Now these people are leaving. Let’s see how to complete the distribution process. Now this is the process of distribution, brother, how long will it be and start soon, they just turned around with one thing from which you can say that it will start soon, I tell you at least according to my estimate and what comes last if I see the past experience. It says that the low is less and will still take two months.

That’s right and the suiting has to happen, it will take two months and after two months, it will be that those who come and will be sorted now, it is fine and sorting from inside.

Then those who will be finalized will get an e-mail, well the email that you people have given should be authentic, you people should have it, you people will get an email that you have been proved and you people who are you can get a laptop from your focal person by visiting the university.

It is true that now everyone will have a focal person at the university separately, they will go there and receive it from the focal person, it is a process that they have given the notification so far, and they have said that brother soon we will start this process, then soon it means that it will still take about one and a half to two months.

You people do not need to worry and those who have been verified should understand that a step has come forward, they should thank that Allaah has verified all these things to them. Now the main thing is to be verified, verified. It’s just a little process now. Then you’ll start getting laptops. One number there are one million laptops.


And look at it, it was almost a part of Balochistan and then it is a part of everywhere, so pray that Allah will bless you with this thing because brother, if you are getting anything for free in this inflation, then it is not less than a blessing. Okay, and I had the same news so far from HEC which came to me, I have shared it with you thank you.

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