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A lot of people have a problem here. And they say. That our Bisp 9000 have arrived. And some people say That we received Bisp 25000 from 8171, then again we will get the assistance of 25000 here. Because even now the same routine, the same problems are coming up. And there has been a change of government. So here they are waiting.

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How much assistance will flood victims get?

A caretaker government has been established for great assistance and let us tell you here. Within this, what is on behalf of the Prime Minister is 2 lakh 10 lakh 8 lakh, which is a huge amount. It is given here. People got a small amount here.

Benazir Income Support Program BISP update

But some people have been given a large amount here. And that was because they were affected by the flood situation but now you guys will check your money how much money you guys are going to get this time. See, there are three types of payments in it. One is the payment that is the regular beneficiary.

That is, those women, our mothers, our sisters, who have been involved in the Benazir Income Support Program for a long time, and after joining, they are continuously receiving money from the Benazir Income Support Program here. So she is included in the Benazir Income Support Program and is called the regular beneficiary. One payment comes into their account.

Taleemi wazaif check online

The second payment that comes into their account is the children’s allowances, that is, the allowances that the government is giving. The class of your child who is studying and who has been enrolled in the BISP program. So they are getting money here. Let’s note one more thing here.

The most important update is your survey which is your registration form every three months. You can update it, for example, your first two children are registered in the income support program, while the third child is also ready. And he has also started going to school. His attendance is also seventy percent, then the survey you will update will be updated as soon as it is done.

After that, the money will also start coming to your account. So in this way every child who has educational scholarships. So that the stipend they have is 70% attendance and they get what they get, there is no option other than that if your child takes vacations, doesn’t go to school, doesn’t go to college, then his attendance is not 70%. It will happen and then the scholarships you people have.

Will not come and his stipends will also stop, If this situation happens for three consecutive months, then here you people are being given another payment, that is Benazir Nishunma.

Not 3000 but 4000 of the Rashan program will be given

That will also be given by the government and the assistance you have received from the government will also be received here. Also, let me tell you the assistance of another thing, that the increase of 20 percent which was done by the government along with this increase.

Those who were getting 2000 and 3000, God willing, will get the assistance of 4000 rupees here and they will get it through educational scholarships and this attendance is necessary for you people, send the child to a regular school. Send to college.

Benazir Nashunama program payment list and portal

This is a very big and historic program. If we talk about this program, you people also get paid in this program. So the people here are very poor. I request them to register themselves in the Benazir Income Support Program because it is a huge organization.

People are helped if you want to check the name checklist then you have to note again 8171 BISP portal dot CUM will search COM then as soon as you search your This portal will come in front of you, the first portal you will open it, after opening it, you will get the complete form here, after filling this form, you will be able to benefit from the unique income support program.

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