Bisp Special Relief Package Online 30500 | Bisp 8171 Payment chance

Here is Bisp Special Relief Package for you guys. So I wanted to share this Bisp Special Relief Package with you guys. It has been a long time but now some changes have been made here. On behalf of the Government of Pakistan. So, let me tell you right away that many friends were thinking this. That the government has stopped the program. But something has been done here. And change has been done for this reason. So that it will be easy for you people like you will remember. which was the previous regime. It was decided within it.

Bisp Special Relief Package Online 30500 Bisp 8171 Payment chance

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Benazir Bank Facility:

That people’s bank accounts should be opened. who are BISP users. They should be given this facility. So here are the accounts of BISP. They were also being opened by the government. And that was the biggest problem. To issue a letter to all people along with issuing a letter to those who have a Benazir Income Support Program account here. But you know there are ninety million families.

Ninety lakhs which are account. It was not possible to open them simultaneously. And the duration was also short. So due to this, this work could not reach completion. So now the new updates are coming. What is new is that the government has decided to give better facilities to you people here. So, first of all, there is the Benazir Income Support Program from the government. It is being edited.

Bisp Special Relief Package

And for those of you who did not get education scholarships for children in the previous episode, some families did. But there were a large number of such families. Those who did not get educational scholarships here. So now it has been decided to pay them together on behalf of the government. together which are payments. They will be given to you here. So families who are extremely poor.

Living in poverty. And they are suffering from economic problems. They are requested to become a part of this program. Because now not only you people will get money from the Benazir Income Support Program. Rather, it is in the balance of your previous payments. It will also be issued by you guys.

Rashan program and petrol program New update

And along with this, a ration will also be given to you by the government. Which is ration. This will get you from two places. And gasoline that is. You guys will get two letters too. I will also share this information with you in today’s post. So here is the ration program for you guys. You will have to apply for one place in it. But which is the BISP program? There is no need to apply.

The government has added it. All users have to do within the same program in a modern way is to find a utility store near you. You have to go there. And you have to show CNIC by going there. And to tell. That you are a user of the BISP program. So you guys will check them out. After checking the items you have. No, they will provide cheap prices. About fifteen hundred rupees of

relief is available within a month. Then, in the same way, the next month is the installment of fifteen hundred and three months. until found. So you get a relief of forty-five hundred rupees here. Nine thousand rupees of unique income is received from the support program. Watch the double episode in the same way. So it takes more than thirty thousand. And along with the government’s education scholarships for children. It has increased by twenty percent. And now the children’s education stipends will be paid once every six months. As many people live.

Petrol Program Registration

And here the powerful Pakistan program has arrived. Apply for the powerful Pakistan program at home. There is an online portal. Go to the portal and go there and apply. So the message will come to you and the ration of learning and understanding will be given to you by Kore sitting at home. And this is for the first two million families who will apply first. Two million families will find them here.


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Petrol program that cities

In the same way as petrol. It is being given within Karachi. Besides this facility will be provided by JDC at Korangi in Peshawar, Lahore, and other cities. But initially, this work has started within Karachi. Where there are two letter daily base workers. Those who are registered and have a JDC toen. They can drop in here.

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