BISP 9000 Payment Start in November 2023

BISP 9000 Payment Start

Many children have also started receiving money. And regarding the new bisp 9000 payment start October-December of the Benazir Kafalat program, great news has also come out. In today’s post, we are going to share it with you. Similarly, let us tell you that all such people have not received any assistance from the government till now.


Aid has also started coming into the accounts of these people. Who are they? Those who have been eligible after a long period of time, i.e. after a long period of sponsorship program or any assistance installment or loss of assistance money. And their payments have also been sent to their accounts. So let’s talk about them in full detail.

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BISP Eligible and Blocked Persons New update

Let us tell you that all such persons who had done their dynamic survey till the month of January or February. Earlier he was ineligible. were under scrutiny. Or they were blocked. Eight thousand five hundred rupees have bisp 9000 payment start coming into the accounts of these people. Because all such persons who have undergone dynamic survey for six months have passed.

bisp 9000 payment start

So they have been qualified as well. Their 8171 checking status is showing on web portal. Still, payments have been received in their accounts. So check your payments from your nearest payment centers. And you can figure this out even sitting at home. Whether the payment has been received in your account or not.

PMT Score Check BISP

For this, you have to check PMT score bisp. Go to Google and search for and the first numbered portal has come. You can collect them from your nearest payment centers. Let me tell you where. That by the way is regular which is trans. It has been released for July and December. But still, many people have not received the current installment of the Kafalat program even though they are eligible.

Bisp 9000 payment Start Date October to December

So let us tell you, Inshallah, the current installment of nine thousand rupees will also be provided to you by the end of this month. And there is great news regarding the October-December episode that it will be released two months earlier. Further, we are confirming. As soon as a confirmed update in this regard reaches us. So let us share it with you.

Taleemi Wazaif program closed

And a lot of people are worried about child payments. That the children’s payments have completely stopped coming. So you don’t need to worry. The children’s money has not been closed. You will get the children’s money. But for that, you have to wait a bit. You will start receiving these payments in January 2024. Any child’s educational result amount is withheld. They will start coming to your account from January itself. If you have any further questions, write them in the comments.

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