9000 bisp cash CNIC Payment Check Bisp new Update Today

Assalam Alaikum to all the viewers, a new update from bisp cash CNIC Payment Check is going to be shared with you, People are getting a payment of 9000 rupees. But the biggest and most important news is that you people have started meeting in eighteen thousand. How can you receive this eighteen thousand?

And a very large number of people are now starting to qualify again. How many people are there among them? Who has now been qualified by the Government of Pakistan? And they can withdraw their money today. Are these people incompetent among them? Or are the examiners or some other people? Who is now being qualified by the Government of Pakistan?

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9000 Bisp Cash CNIC Payment Check

This is the big and important news of this time. Instead of Rs 9,000 bisp cash CNIC Payment Check, the government of Pakistan is giving up to Rs 18,000. The big question is how you can receive this money. Some people will also have this question. We have received nine thousand rupees once. Can we still get eighteen thousand? Can we go to get it or not, there are so many people from the government of Pakistan. Those who have now started to qualify.

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How do not Eligible people get Eligibility BISP?

Now they are being qualified. If you also want to qualify. Now many people question that we are incompetent. We may be eligible. Yes, you may be eligible. You will have to undergo a new survey. But it is now being qualified by the government of Pakistan to new people. In this, if they have not received the first payment of 9000 rupees. So they should go and receive the first payment today. If their previous payment is also left then that is also going to meet them.

The solution to 938 Errors and double Installment

All the people who were getting 938 errors from the government. So the government of Pakistan has now started to qualify those who had an error of nine hundred and thirty-eight. He contacted the e-NADRA center and took a NIR token from there. Verification was also done there. Took the token.

Then submitted it. He has now been qualified by the government of Pakistan after submitting to the office of the Benazir Income Support Program. A large number of 18,000 installments have come from nine hundred and thirty-eight Arab people, so all such people who have received the first installment of nine thousand rupees can withdraw their installments. Now they are waiting for the second installment.

So the second installment is coming to you in the month of August. In the last days of August, the installment will start transferring to your account. And you will be able to withdraw it from the bank’s ATM as well. People who have opened an account. So they will only receive from ATM. However, those who have not opened an account. So they will be provided installment through retail shops or devices.

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