8171 Online Bisp Registration New Update 2023

Apply for online bisp registration in the Benazir Income Support Program, the biggest program of the government of Pakistan, application and register for the 2000 and 2000 Ehsaas program, which is the main part of today’s post. It concerns you, especially those who have problems and are not listened to, so in today’s post, I am going to tell you one such method.

By using this you can get your problem solved without spending money. I am going to tell you how to do it for free. In which your money, if it has come in, is not going out. Or you are still being ignored by the government despite repeated surveys and online bisp registration despite applying 8171. Your status is being checked, which is not changing to eligible or showing ineligible.

If you are eligible or poor, then you will be informed about the complete update in this post today. We also inform you about the news related to bank accounts. Along with what you are going to tell about the episode. Apart from this, if any new program is about to start, you will be informed about the update.

Payment received jazz cash and Easypaisa

First of all let me tell you about the bank accounts you can use for your payments, Easy Paisa, Jazz Cash Bank, Yubel Bank, Al Falah, AJS Bank, and United Bank. Among them, you can take the names of five banks that were nominated by the Government of Pakistan.

In these banks, you can get your Benazir Kafalat, Ehsaas Kafalat, children’s education scholarships, and support for any program, if you get installments, you get support payments. From the side of the government, you can take it into your bank account. If your bank account has been opened then you will not be able to take payment through thumb but you will get payment in your bank accounts sitting at home. You will get a message on your SIM.

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New Bank Update

If you have opened your bank account. Remember, you don’t have to go to the bank account, but you will get a call from the office. After that, you have to carry your documents, the account will be opened later, This will be clear here, let’s move to the next update.

The expected installment now, the next installment which is said to be in September, will be updated between 15th and 20th September and will be transferred to your account. Let’s move on to the next update if you have any problems. There are checks. Not included in the ration. You are not included in any program but you are ignored. There are two methods of complaint for this.

8171 Online Bisp Registration Citizen Portal

There is a citizen portal that you can easily get its application from the Google Play Store. Write your ID card number in it and write your problem in two or three lines in Urdu. Select the relevant BISP or Ehsaas program and send your application online. Your problem will be solved sitting at home. Apart from this, write your application on the rough page.

Just pick up a pencil. Write two or three lines above it. Write down your problem. ID card number, mobile number and you send it to the address of Islamabad. I will tell you, if not, ask me in the comments, I don’t remember exactly. I will tell you exactly later, you can ask me in the comments. There are Baluchistan, KPK, Gilgit-Baltistan, and Islamabad FATA e-courts in all these areas which are organized online on Facebook, YouTube, and other social platforms. Sometimes they are organized on Radio Pakistan.

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