8171 Ehsaas Program Waseela E Taleem September 2023 | 938 Error fingerprint Issue

Nowadays everyone knows how to continue. An installment of Rs 9,000 is being given. And who have children’s educational benefits. They will start coming to your Account and fingerprint issue on Friday, September 29, or Monday.

How to avoid 1500 deduction – کٹوتیوں سے کیسے بچیں 1500

So the biggest problems are these women. Which are going to take money. And come forward. And the money is deducted. This is my post for them. So what do they do? They are afraid of the shopkeepers. Money is being cut. Yes, they will block your account. Will do it to you You will do it. Turn this to me.

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He is not an employee, nor is he the Prime Minister, he is the secretary, and he has no name for any Level anywhere. There are only and only third parties. Those who through you are given money. And the money of this money gives them a separate commission. It is understood that if they deduct fifteen hundred.

So you have the opportunity to complain. You go complain. And the account of them. They will be blocked forever. What do women do now? Who go to take money? The brothers do not lose in the lines. So you tend to other women. Let’s give what’s the matter. Look at us, you guys are promoting Corruption. This is your right. Who speak. Who weep.

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The little bit of courage you shout. So they are given money to them. Fear the brain. You won’t have anything. Can’t block your money. You have so much strength within you. You can permanently disqualify them for this work by blocking their Device on them. This is the power within you.

The issue of fingerprint 938

Yes, you have to do a job. If your Fingerprints. Don’t look. These are the Fingerprinting eight times a day a day. Do not apply for the ninth time or the Code of 938 will be taken. Throughout the day, you have sixteen times over two machines. On top of one machine eight times a day even one day if you took seventeen times a day.

So you may still face the Code of 938. And if you put up a machine nine times a day. Still, you will have a code of nine hundred thirty -eight. So the shopkeepers have the same skill. That they keep your thumbs away deliberately. Will take the ninth time eight times. So the Code of 938 will take place. So you must think of these things.

8171 Ehsaas Program Waseela E Taleem September 2023 938 Error fingerprint Issue

Nine times you did not put a code on the top of a machine. Do not apply fingerprints. Wait for the other day. One day a day can apply a machine on another sixteen times. Do not apply eight to eight times the other eight times the other. They will apply a machine on top of the day. Then you will have nothing. Don’t apply more than eight times. Besides, the shopkeepers have nothing. They deduce your money. So you block their device. This is your right is your right. It can you do.

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