8171 bad update and good news on July 2023

There has also been an 8171 bad update regarding the Benazir Income Support Program. And there’s a good update, too. Which can be very important for all these people. Those who are taking it first or have got their own dynamics survey or new registration done. And waiting for a confirmation message of eligibility. Meaning people who are already taking money or want to make money were not getting them before. These updates are very important for all these people. I’ll tell you. With regard to the emails service of 8171 because now it has also been decided to close the message service at seven one. But for some people, this service will be discontinued. And some people’s service will continue. You will be updated with full details about this. And newcomers will also update you about the system.

8171 update

You know that a new system is also being introduced regarding Benazir Kafalat program payments. Where you had to go to the agent to take private. And there your payment was being deducted. Many people’s funds up to Rs 1,02,000 or Rs 3,000 were stolen. But now you won’t have any such wasteful deductions. Nor will you be at risk of not getting your payment. Rather, you should understand that now you will get these payments sitting at home. You don’t have to go anywhere. They also explain to you. That the banking system is being introduced by the government. Now the specific bank accounts of all beneficiaries will be opened. And then their payments should be transferred to the same respective bank accounts every three months, whether for educational scholarships or the kafala program.

So all this money will continue to be collected in their accounts. Whether they keep withdrawing their payments immediately after every three months or two or three payments they store. So a lot of you must have this question in your mind. Where will these payments come from? You will have to go to this bank or get it sitting at home. So let’s tell you that by the way, the initial situation is that when your payments arrive, you have to go to the same selected bank branch. And that’s where you’ll be given these payments. But now let us also tell you that every bank also has an application. Which you can use on mobile. When you use their mobile application. So there your accounts should be handed over to you completely. You can also use your payments from there. So Inshallah as soon as all these banks’ details come. And their apps are released. So inshallah we will continue to share it with you.

8171 bad update

So you’re moving on to the 8171 update. Let me tell you that this decision has been taken by the government. As you used to get your money every time you got your installment after three months. So you used to get a message from 8171 that in your account it has reached nine thousand or eight thousand five hundred rupees. So you receive this payment from your nearest payment centers. So in the future, you will not receive these messages from 8171. And those who have done the registration. These people will also not get any messages from 8171 now. But this is not for everyone, it is only for those who have Telenor’s network, meaning those who had their Telenor SIM number activated for the Benazir Income Support Program, then those people will not get verification messages through 8171.

Also in any network if you have a SIM. And your same SIM is connected to the account of the Benazir Income Support Program. Then you will keep getting messages from 8171. After all, all those who connected Telenor’s network with their Benazir Income support program. So these people don’t have to worry anymore. Well, this is a bed update, but you can also get all the eligibility information from the 8171 web portal. And anyway you don’t need a corresponding diameter message anymore. Now you will use bank accounts. And you will also have a mobile application for these bank accounts. You will be able to check your account whenever you want. And if you will be able to use your payments, then this is the closing update of 8171, you will ignore this update and Insha Allah will also inform you about the upcoming new update.

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