Latest Whatsapp Girl Group Links[June 2024]

Whatsapp Girl Group are an excellent way to make female friends and join various online communities. Many websites offer Whatsapp Girl Group links, but most of these groups are usually full. Here, I provide the latest 2024 Whatsapp Girl Group links. These include friendship groups, job groups, chat groups, and more.


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How to Join

Joining by Just a One Click

Whatsapp Girl Group

WhatsApp is used globally on both mobile phones and desktops. Here’s a guide to creating a Whatsapp Girl Group on iPhone and Android.

How To Create A Whatsapp Girl Group On iPhone

  1. Install WhatsApp: Download from the Apple store if not installed.
  2. Tap the Notepad Icon: After setting up WhatsApp, tap the new "Notepad" icon.
  3. Select New Group: From the menu, choose “new group.”
  4. Add Contacts: Choose at least two contacts from your list.
  5. Mark Contacts: Tap on the contacts to add them.
  6. Tap Next: Tap the “Next” button.
  7. Upload Profile Picture: Tap the camera icon to add a profile picture.
  8. Name Your Group: Enter the group name.
  9. Create Group: Tap the “Create” option.

How To Create A Whatsapp Girl Group On Android

  1. Download WhatsApp: Install from the Play Store.
  2. Open WhatsApp: Tap the WhatsApp logo.
  3. Tap Menu: Click the three vertical dots.
  4. Select New Group: Choose “New Group” from the list.
  5. Add Contacts: Select contacts from your list.
  6. Upload Picture: Add a profile picture.
  7. Name Your Group: Enter the group name.
  8. Create Group: Click the checkmark.

How To Join A Girls WhatsApp Group?

  1. Choose your preferred group.
  2. Click the Join Now button.
  3. You will be redirected to WhatsApp; click Join.
  4. You have successfully joined the group.

Girls WhatsApp Group Rules

  1. Do not share group links without permission.
  2. No political or religious discussions.
  3. No abusive language.
  4. No sharing adult content.
  5. Maintain friendly relations.
  6. No voice or video calls.
  7. Only admins can change settings.
  8. Follow the rules to avoid being banned.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Whatsapp Girl Group


  • Make friends during free time.
  • Join groups of your favorite celebrities.
  • Engage in diverse conversations.
  • Find job opportunities.


  • Some content might influence your perspective negatively.
  • You might not always find friends.

Best Way To Join Girls Whatsapp Group

Finding and joining an active group can be challenging due to expired links or full groups. The links provided here are regularly updated to ensure new members can join easily.


  1. Are these groups free to join? Yes, joining these groups is free.
  2. Can anyone join the groups? Yes, anyone can join unless otherwise specified by the group rules.
  3. Can we share the group links through email or messages? Yes, but with permission from the group admin.
  4. How can we leave the WhatsApp groups? You can leave the groups by selecting the group and choosing the "Exit Group" option.


This article provides the latest girls WhatsApp groups. Join groups to make friends, learn new things, and enjoy your free time. Choose your preferred group and click the Join Now button to get started.

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